Sri Samana


Whether meeting directly as Satsang or not,

Sri Samana is working beyond the mind

Which is beyond time and space as Reality itSelf.

Sri Samana is a presence which is one of a small number serving in the world

Which is and has always been the same, eternally present, 

Serving the whole and working universally.

Sri Samana does not give or teach Satsang,

Sri Samana embodies Satsang.

This is not spiritual teaching, tho teaching may arise,

This is not spiritual healing, tho healing unfolds.

Sri Samana Darshan is direct transmission, radiant, immanent.

The fundamental turn is to be in the company and associate with and as Truth.

Many appear to speak about, many appear to speak to,

Rare indeed is the one who speaks As.

OM Shanti OM