D a r s h a n   S a t s a n g




The Transmission of light as darshan


Darshan is seeing. Seeing the light is seeing as light.

Holy seeing. seeeing is vision. sacred sight.

darshan speaks to the nature of sharing,

yet this sharing is the end of seperation, as light reflects light, self recognizes self.

to be seen is one as seeing. to behold is devotion. to behold is to be beheld.

the very transmission of light and the receiving, is one as darshan, the unconditional divine embrace as the divine condition.

darshan is the grace of blessing which is itself a transmission of light.


The holy association as satsang


Satsang is the reflection of the mind directed to Source.

Satsang is association with and as Truth, as Holy association, in the Holy company of and as Self.

This is not to imagine or project, this is Home. This is to close the apparent gap as meeting, with other, with your Self, as Self, beyond name and form, time and space. Home is Heart, Heart is the Eternal Abode, and Self is Heart.

Satsang is the invitation to come to rest, to close the apparent gap of imagined distance, to be present to and as what is, to inquire as to the nature of experience and the experience of nature, free of the notion of appearances and objects. To be aware as Awareness, to see that which is seeing, to know True Nature as that which does not come and go,

as one is That.

Satsang is the Love of Truth, and the Truth of Love. The invitation is ever present.


Beloved Dear Ones,To all who meet :

Though there is but reflection
Know that you are all-ways present
As that which appears as me is you and you as me
Arising as this great transparency
And this is Omniscient Omnipresent Self.
All your joy and suffering is here
Flowing as this Knowing Grace
And there is Limitless Gratitude and Unconditional Love
For each and every one of you
May there be Peace and Radiant Divine Love
As the recognition of the One Heart we meet in and As
And may the mind dissolve into this Heart as Silence

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
All Love

Sri Samana