about Sri Samana


“Everybody nowadays is a lot of talk, all talk, but YOU have been called to put Love in action.”

~ To Sri Samana from Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi / Amma

Sri Samana took this body-form to serve. He came in full awareness of and as Consciousness into this world and is able to remember every detail right after taking birth. At the age of five He fully realized the Self when He had the sudden recognition of "The idea of who you believe you are is an illusion.”. Sri Samana is serving awakening since this very young age. He had not even what is usually called 'childhood' because of Self-Realization. He has no lineage, just like Ramana had no lineage, as there was the direct realization as Self without seeking at all. Because of the absence of any sense of i, He never felt the pull to put Himself on the spot, but is simply serving whatever is arising. For many years He was serving His family by care-giving of both parents. Throughout His whole life God-Realization is expressing itSelf in an unbelievably huge amount of writings, art and music. He is the living expression as Self over the whole spectrum of infinite possibilities.

Sri Samana doesn’t claim to be a Master as He is resting as the undefinable pure emptiness which is the substratum of all arisings, the Source of the universe. And as such He has no self-reflection and everything what is expressed through Him is an act of pure, spontaneous outpouring as manifestations arising from emptiness into existence as creation itSelf. This mirrors the eternal play, as the (creator and the Creation) are One as Self. His body is but an instrument of Self expressing itSelf as infinite Conciousness prior to the sense of i and prior to the sense of being. Prior to all arisings, Names and forms and any concepts, even prior to the concept of emptiness, He is resting as THAT. OM Shanti

Audiorecording Sri Samana

Whether meeting directly as satsang or not, samana is working beyond the mind which is beyond time and space as Reality itSelf. Sri Samana is a presence which is one of a small number serving in the world which is and has always been the same, eternally present serving the whole and working universally. Sri Samana does not give or teach Satsang, Sri Samana embodies Satsang. This is not spiritual teaching, tho teaching may arise, this is not spiritual healing, tho healing unfolds. Sri Samana Satsang is direct transmission, radiant, immanent. The fundamental turn is to be in the company and associate with and as Truth. Many appear to speak about, many appear to speak to, rare indeed is the one who speaks As.

“The flame, for which we all are searching for, comes unexpected. She doesn´t move slowly forward to you from a point in the distance. There is no coming closer to the flame over the time, just by searching, understanding and the feeling of ‘soon getting IT.’ It comes without any notice of it before. Samana is the flame itself in body-form. Just listen to his words with an open heart, let them drop into it and carry them with you 24/7.  Live his words 24/7 with an open heart and without any struggling or effort in this. Nothing more is needed.” ~ N. Germany