That which is labelled duality
Is but the means for Love to recognize itSelf
And for the recognition and taste of Beauty
For in this timeless and apparent moment of Now
The recognition of Beauty is Love
The falling in Love is surrender


The surrender is to disappear
And the duality as the recognition of Beauty
Is the two-way door of self no-self
The realization of Self as absence is Presence
The recognition of Love is to rest as Heart
And Heart is Self

This flower is offered
This flower is Heart
That which appears to come and go
Has never gone anywhere
This dream unfolds as does the dreamer

That which is writing this, reading this, and the flower, 
are One, God, the Divine, the Beloved, Self
The flower appears as you appear
And the words upon the page

Notice what is present in all apparent activity
Notice stillness in all apparent movement
The changeless unconditioned Awareness
One does not contain or possess the Eternal
One arises of and as This
You are ever present as the changeless
For it is the changeless which knows change
That which you seek resides as Heart
This is the eternal abode
The radiance of Heart illumines
And all is but a reflection as This

To live in the mind is to live as projection
See all and every apparent other as your Self
And all is but a reflection as This
This is the ever present Grace of this arising revealed as Now
You are timeless, unbound, unlimited, freedom itSelf
Not determined by this body nor this mind
All arises as one Omnipresent Divine Whole
No separation and no gap
The seer and the seen are One as Seeing
It is Self alone which reflects Self

You are the arising embodiment of all wisdom and teachings
You are the ever present unborn Sacred Principle
Every flowing element of which this body arises is Sacred
The water, the earth, the fire, the metals, the air, are One
There is no beginning and there is no end
The flower holds the seed
The flower is the sun and rain and earth and sky
The bird to the seed and the bee to the pollen
Every form a seamless unicity of elements at play
This flower is offered to you as you
Beloved as Love as Grace
To serve awakeness, to serve remembering, As Grace
This flower I AM and every aspect of Being is One as Essence
The flower and the perfume I AM
There remains nothing but the fullness as unconditional Love
For every single one of you Beloved
As I AM You and You are me
And all arises by means of reflection alone
You alone are the perceiver
There is but Self