For you see, if the tendency, and the habit of identification is determined by and as the chasing of thoughts, and one is distracted and diverted by the echo of imagination, the apparent internal dialogue of the ghost, this is the illusory movement from what is, and what is, is the heart, and the Heart is Self. As there is no resting place, this is separation. The apparent movement itself is imagined. This is a dream within a dream, is it not so? This habit is so conditioned, so patterned, so familiar, it is an identity, and all effort maintains this. The apparent movement is self, the doer. The notion of control is a belief of the condition of the doer. Who is it that has a fundamental disagreement with what simply is?

As this notion of self arises, thought arises. As thought arises, mind arises. As mind arises, senses arise. As senses arise, one is determined by the outward seeking reflection of objects, of other, to determine, maintain, and seek stability and location as a separate self. Yet through all this play, all this activity, all this so-called doing, this state and condition of hypnosis, is the ever present longing of that which does not come and go, which is Heart.

The invitation is ever present. The invitation is timeless, unbound, eternal. Seeking is for freedom, and freedom itself is a concept determined by the belief of being bound. Freedom can not be liberated, and an imaginary self can not be bound. One can not seek what one is, one can inquire into what one is not. As thought is not followed, as all apparent movement is still, as all doing is still, as the very notion of a doer dissolves, what remains? As all certainties, the fear of not knowing, and the clinging to the need to know is still, what remains? As beliefs, concepts and notions dissolve, what remains? What remains is That which ever IS, Self. Remain as Self. To remain as Self is the Knowing of the illusory separate self. You see, it is like the apparent coming and going of the sun, when in truth, the sun does not come and go. As the habit of distraction, as the story, and as the dream comes to its end, so too, the sun has no night.