This arising as the apparent passage of a life, and the body of time, is but to awaken from the coma of deep sleep, to recognize the play, and realize Self. The invitation is the great acceptance and to realize and welcome this ever present preparation for and as transformation of this arising, as clarity, and to be the Light of Knowing itself, that one is, that you are, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Self. To meet all of what arises is to have willingness with and as the invitation, to be the welcoming itself, to be free of the conditioned habits and tendencies of avoidance and abandonment, to recognize the dissociative strategies of addiction, distraction, diversion, and to recognize their reinforcement of longing as separation, the duality of division, by means of the belief of other and the illusory location of somewhere, determined by the external, as past and future, to disarm and disavow the false identity, the character, created, imagined, out of, and as a means of refuge, with the illusory and fundamental belief that this strategy of apparent location and hiding, born of control and fear, is at all doable or true.

Investigate and inquire, who is this doer, how much effort maintains this story, and realize this itself maintains the story and the loop of suffering one is seeking freedom from, which maintains the notion the Heart itself as not present or available by means of the suffering of separation, when one is only, ever, and always this Heart, eternally One. The outgrown protective layers of survival begin to unravel as one unfolds with trust and the recognition of the ever present unconditional capacity one embodies. The false self is armored, the armor is the fortress, and all the efforts of acceptance and approval as well as sabotage, are rooted in a false belief. The false beliefs arise to clarity with the Taste, and the protective layers of armor begin to peel away, the fortress begins to crumble, as trust is welcomed and the welcoming is recognized as trust.

As the beauty of vulnerability arises so too does the realization of and as Self. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do. You are what you have always been, the pure Awareness on which all the projections have been identified with as reflection, only to embrace the Oneness of the seer and the seen as Knowing, to transcend the notion of intimacy by means of the closing of the imagined gap, as there is no, and never has been, any distance to the Heart, or Self. Commit with courage and willingness to Truth, and be the unconditional Presence of this arising that you are, that is your Truth, and you are That.