Attention moves with what arises. The illusion of separation and the habit of story. In movement is the loss of the simplicity of knowing. Presence is who one is. Commit to the moment. The mind alone provides the illusion of continuity. Every moment is unknown. There is nothing more than Awareness of what IS. Desire is longing, longing is desire. What arises here, arises as the present. The notion of future is a conditioned strategy, the movement from True-Nature.

A memory is not in the past. A catalogue of moments that were never met. To be present with the belief that is not present. The body-mind does not discriminate between past and present. How one is with what is here is a symptom of the natural-state. That which is already here as the ground of experience. The tendency of momentum accumulates as desire. The habit to engage. The commitment of past to not be present. The birth of mistrust.

Fear and longing, the tension of resistance. Everything is practice. A commitment made in the past to not be here, and stillness is hijacked. The pattern of habit, the habit of pattern, is the avoidance reflex. A loss of trust is a loss of attention, held by a belief it's not here. The momentum of habit pulls attention. The apparent cause of suffering is misplaced. The one who is not at rest feels responsible for suffering. As separate there is no Awareness. This is the story of the false- self.

Yes and no get flipped. Here mistrust arises to justify the story. Here is the loss of clarity with the reactivity of the past. One may come to believe True-Nature has betrayed self. And so the illusory trance of an imagined safe place is formed. The habit of avoidance is held by mistrust. Attachment is with story. The repetition of momentum, momentum of repetition, is an accumulated tendency. The habit of avoidance arises without recognition. Arises with experience.

Recognize what really is. Attention moves away from True-Nature. Impulse and clarity, nothing needs to change. Presence is not a state. Every question shifts attention. What appears to be found has always been here. To abandon all strategies, take the invitation. Who you are has always been. Live closer and closer to what is really here. The identification with i is a habit. The act of separation conceals the fact of separation. Presence is in charge. The desire to be rid of ego is ego itself, and makes it stronger.

The language of sensation brings attention to the body. Thinking moves one away from sensation. The vessel of experience is determined by attention. Sensation arises in Presence, becomes objectified, separate. Slow down and notice what is here as Awareness. True-Nature, the Ground of Being. There is no effort necessary. Notice without judgement, be curious and observe. Notice the i as a rising experience. Notice the i as sensation. Notice the i and the spaciousness present. Is it ok that it is here? A sudden loss of awareness of body. A sudden loss of self. Symptom of the natural state, here as the ground of experience.