The invitation is ever present. The great conditioned habit is the outward arc, that the notion of the object-self is substantiated by means of the reflection of the object-other and the sense-object. Avoidance and abandonment of the heart is the familiar state and identity of the self, and the sense of longing is ever present. This seeker is the contracted, separate self. What is not recognized, is that the outward arc is itself the seeking to fulfill the longing, of seeking the heart. The inward arc is receiving. This has been forgotten or avoided.

The forgetting arises of the desire and search for what is always present. The avoidance is the fear of attainment, the fear of the heart itself which one seeks and longs for. The fear is of the breaking open, the liberation of this apparent doer, this imagined seeker. Every single act or action is seeking, the desire to receive the invitation, to come to rest, masked and disguised by stories, dramas, activity. The play will, and does continue to play itself out. Everything is unfolding as awakening. The light of Awareness reflects itself, as one is aware of Awareness. Self recognizes Self.

Simply be still, and allow the mind to sink into, dissolve into the heart. The invitation is ever present. This recognition is the welcoming. As the welcoming and the invitation are one, the apparent gap is closed. Receiving is freedom. This is the end of separation. This is the end of seeking. This is the clarity of Heart. As receiving, as the welcoming and the invitation are one, the notion of a personal heart dissolves, and with it, self. One does not own, possess or contain this heart. One arises of Heart. This Heart is not determined by the personal or location. This Heart is everywhere. This Heart is everything. This Heart is Self, there is but Heart, and one is That. The invitation is ever present.