Suffering is simply a label, and in the midst of suffering, that's the last thing you want to hear, but not unlike other labels it cannot be found. And even if it was to be sought in inquiry, it's elusive. It will just keep evading and moving out of the way, expecting the next question. It has no location. So this suffering that's a label, that is completely determined by conditioning. With this internal dialogue, there's a personal sphere that gets believed. It is the separate self. And that separate self is imagined. And by the mere removing of the label of suffering, separation starts to dissolve.

So comparing this to trying to connect to the heart, the conditioned sense is that heart is here, heart is in the center of the chest, of the body, but that's a label too if you investigate, if you really go inward and try to find its source, it does not have location. And as such, what gets clear, is that heart which appeared to be within the body, that the body is actually within the heart. This heart that is unconditional.

So, what does unconditional mean? It's another word that gets used a lot. Unconditional is simply that which has not been conditioned. When you explore from those words, it's really clear, because it's so easy even saying 'unconditional love',... there's some label, there’s some conceptual notion, that it's another object, it's a broader knowing of love than the other 'idea label concept' of love. But unconditioned love, love without conditions, that means there's nothing attached to it, that means there's no desire, there is no goal, and that is what the heart is.

The heart has no distance. This one that perceives, arises from that which is recognized as the heart. And just to repeat, the body arises of the heart. The body does not own the heart, control the heart, possess the heart, determine the heart, put boundaries around the heart, limit the heart, all of that is illusory. It's all the belief from the point of view of the label of suffering.

The heart has no location, there's no location at all. So if the heart has no location, if it's not this conditioned notion that it is this, in the center or left center of the chest, then where is the one in that? The idea of who you are arises of the heart. The heart is not in the one, the body itself is arising of Awareness, is arising of love. The body is not the container of Awareness and love, it’s been reversed, it's hypnotic, it's a trick, it's deception. You’re at no distance from what is. Never are, never were, never could be. It's almost as if there is a conditioned choice to suffer as a means of avoiding the heart. This is the belief. There's a fear of the heart. And, who is this one that could possibly fear the heart, when this one is arising of the heart?

That we are so conditioned that love seems like an object, love seems like an agitation, love seems like an activity, love seems like doing, love seems like possessing, God seems separate, God is taught to be separate, everything is external, everything is external and determined by other, determined by reflection of object and so nothing nothing nothing, freedom, God, love, nothing is ever here. All these words like freedom only are present because the opposite is what is lived, conditioned, believed. There is really no need for the word freedom that can be seen anywhere, it's only if one feels that they are confined separate and isolated that the word would need to even arise. Everything appears to be somewhere and there is no distance. There is no distance to anything. You are everything, you are anything and everything, there is no distance to anything, there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing to get, nothing to have. There's nothing here but freedom, but love. When the gap gets closed, and the bubble pops, where does the bubble go?