The now that is as then, is dualistically partnered as an abstract and plastic construct of space - time, memory - location. These concepts are separatist by nature. It reinforces the belief of a separate self / object as the observer, as subject and object, determined by the notion of location. Time is a conditioned perception which allows an identified object - based location in space. It is now, that suggests and confers the relativity of past and future. It is the present that can give rise to the subjective notions of duality, that of undone / done, becoming / unbecoming.

Language is derived from a presumed understanding of objects and time - duration, not timelessness. The conditioned mind holds the belief that time is an experience which is present in the absence of itself. Language has an inherent conceptual limitation as duality, and weakens or fails when referencing the Absolute. However, given the nature of language, now can also be spoken to as That which Is, in the complete absence of the imagined self. This is not the now of 'now and then', it is the now that is Presence, True-Nature. The Eternal Now is ever present as Consciousness.

It is the nature of the conditioned mind to identify the nature of change as time. Science and mathematics seeks to prove the complete absence of now, as that which cannot exist between past and future, that there is no gap, and that the present moment is an abstraction. At the center of this inquiry is, does eternity exist?

Let us assume that all there is, is now, and that this now is Consciousness. Consciousness is that which witnesses mind, body, and the world. Whatever notion of the past that arises, always and only arises as the present. A fossil found is held in the present. The inquiry of now, of time and space, is an inquiry of self, and location. How does self see self in the moment as appearance or reflection, and change? Any fundamental disagreement or challenge of now, is rooted in the imagined self and separation. If there is no you, what happens to time? Conversely, as one is Consciousness and without location, what is time?

In respect to time, thought is the recognition of that which has already passed. Mind itself is a thought. As such, it cannot 'have' a thought. One identifies with thought in the same way one identifies with objects. The imagined self believes it both created and owns that which arises. From a materialist perspective, thoughts are of time, and as such, not of the present, or the Eternal Now. One is conditioned to a strategy and linear sequence of a time-based location. Thoughts are like the weather.

Awareness is the nature of experience itself. Awareness does not reflect upon itself as Awareness is only present, always now. Thought and time are one. Thought can only speak to that which has already passed. What thought seeks to express is already gone. The only place a thought can not rest is in the now, nor can it describe it. Thought can not speak the truth of experience, the now.

Change is always present and changing, as is the nature of change. That which comes and goes.

Consciousness, witnessing Presence, is changeless, never changes. That which does not come and go. Awareness and conscious Presence as one recognizes all this apparent life-time has never changed as one perceives change of self. The interpretation of self and the identification of Consciousness with the body-mind, establishes a conditioned belief and identity that is time-based and views self as a linear series of experiences in location, and with a beginning and end as a story. This self is the central character of a story, an illusory frame-based linear sequence of apparent events.

While quantum physics seeks to map that which lies between, now is not of the experiential known, but of Knowing. Time itself remains of mind. It is of the phenomenal. A bird can be said to fly along a series of successive points, and yet this is perceived by an apparent perceiver as the present, now. Any and all else is projection, and that of the imagined mind seeking location. Time and thought can never represent or describe the nature of experience. True Presence, Self, is to rest fully as the now, free of any notion, limited thought, or concept of change, which re-identifies one as an object, determined by the reflection of other, bound to location, as time, and self.