To practice being aware, and aware of being aware. To develop the noticing of sensation. It is here avoidance takes hold as the imaginary separate self. The separate self appears to come and go, but is a thought, is sensation itself. What is the nature of thought? The habit of thinking is a primary addiction, and the belief one is their thought is the resulting delusion and a source of suffering. Notice the apparent movement to the mind which has no location, and return to the body. What is noticing this? Turn around, face feelings, invite sensation, and embody Presence. That which notices thoughts, feelings, and sensations, is the same as that in which they arise. One is the Presence in which the objects of experience appear. Here there is no longer the seeking of happiness in external things, objects, behaviors, identity. This is the end of the search. The search and seeking is not only spirituality, books, teachers, it is the recognition of everything as search and the seeking for happiness, for Presence, for God, for that which one already IS. Stripped open, bare, absent, self is Self. I Am. Any and every notion of perfection is the movement away from True Nature.