Drop all the lingo, language, labels, and the attachment to concepts, thoughts, beliefs. These are all the strategies of self. These are only useful as pointers. One can mistake the menu for the meal. 'Clinging to the Absolute' is a necessary step. Until THAT is 'embodied' so to speak, one can not be present with all that arises on an apparent relative plane. First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is. Thoughts and concepts trouble the mind, and only serve to un-enlighten, for the imagined safety and refuge of the illusory imagined self. What is reading this? What has written this? Reality simply IS.

When one has 'unbecome' as THAT, all of what is present as the apparent personal is met as clarity. There never was or is separation. There is only personal or impersonal seeing. And what is this seeing? Does it have location? Is the falling of a leaf in any way separate from the seeing of that? A sound and the hearing of a sound are simultaneous. Who is hearing the sound? As there is Awareness of a sound, it is Awareness that is aware. Is there an i 'doing' the breathing? As life is being lived, who is doing this? Life is simply living. Concepts and beliefs are like putting the skin on an orange. Duality and nonduality are imagined. They are only useful as pointers. All that is known is THIS, and THIS IS.

One can never be alone, one is never isolated, one is never not One with all that is seen, perceived, or aware, as one is THAT which is aware, one IS Awareness. And yes, even Awareness is a concept. There is only unlimited, unbounded, simultaneous, all at once, non-location, Being. Look for the looker. There is no looker, only looking. One can remain in stories and the many manifest costumes of Maya, and find great comfort in and as the dream, with thoughts of Oneness. Spirituality itself becomes another dream, another costume for an apparent character. There is no character. The kiss is to awaken, but there is no prince, and noone to awaken. There is only the kiss of Truth.