SEPARATION - There Is No 'Other'

The illusion of separation is the mirror of identification with the false-self. This is the source of the notion of 'other', and the root of it's belief. The concept of 'other' is the source of all internal and external conflict, as it is the basis and means by which we relate to our self and all we perceive around us.

The global impact and result of this illusion and mindset is revealed by the conflicts, violence, oppression, and wars it is invested in. Whether nations, community, tribal or family, the illusion of 'the other' and the investment in the idea of 'other', maintains the illusion of the false-self on a global scale, draws imaginary lines, profits from and maintains, all of the struggles and suffering that result, within and without.

The strategy of control is itself an illusion, also rooted in separation, and self. Poverty, inequality, oppression, class systems, are all derived from the idea and belief in the 'other' and separation. This also holds true for all of life and all natural systems. Animals, plants, trees, birds, the air, the water. All perceived and related to as separate, divided, grouped, sub-grouped, and compartmentalized. The Awareness of our relationship to The One, the All that IS, is completely determined by our Awareness and relationship to self.

An inherent and natural sense of responsibility to life as it is, flows from Awareness, or is hidden and fails in denial, illusion, and resistance. At the most primary level, we are seeking Awareness and self-liberation, and doing everything we can to avoid it. We create and live within this duality. Oneness is True-Nature, what we seek, and what we are. Separation is what we arrange, manipulate, create, believe, and ultimately, identify with. There is only suffering within this and resulting from this.

Awareness, Grace, is True-Nature, and though it appears as if this knowing 'instills' or 'confers' the qualities of their Nature, one is already That. One does not possess That. Selflessness is always present, obscured by the notion and needs of self, and with the subsequent notion of 'others', 'they', 'them'. As the notion of 'they' arises, directly in that perceived moment and Awareness, the opportunity of Great Wisdom and Grace informs one is not separate from that, or 'other'. Where is Self, Presence, not?

ALL is simply as it is. The notion of 'they' one references, is not separate from the notion of 'you'. With this thought or belief, one separates self, and self-delusion, illusion, and suffering arises. When criticism or judgement of 'other' arises within, that belongs to, and is of the mind of the one who sees or feels this alone. To observe others critically is to objectify the notion of other. One is seeking discrimination and refuge in duality, as observer and observed. In truth, as 'they' are not separate from your knowing, 'you' are not separate from their un-knowing.

It has become easy, common, and familiar, and is itself a habit and addiction that is conditioned and reinforced, to be critical of 'other', as a means of feeling separate, superior, more conscious, more awake, or with the intent and hope of diminishing, reconciling or justifying ones' own suffering, struggles, and humanity. If one grows legs on others' pain, those legs will fail.

Oneness has no discrimination, only mind, ego, and the notion and belief of self imparts and projects this. This is a survival strategy of self. A constant vigilance is needed and required. The society of self has manifested a compartmentalized model of suffering, by which to maintain the notion of other, and to separate the others' pain from self, to feel better about oneself, by and through the suffering of 'other'. The homeless are in one file, the alcoholic another, the sick another, and so too the vain, the self-absorbed, the greedy, etc. Selflessness and true compassion are not included in this model that self has constructed.

Conditioning teaches 'difference', difference teaches conditioning. To look to that which appears as greater suffering to feel better about self, is not selflessness. It is a strategy of self, which maintains the illusion of separation. The very nature of self that creates this separation born of the condition of self, is rooted in and clinging to the aspects and qualities of fear, insecurity, worry, anxiety. In the illusion of separation of 'other', with the intention of keeping the suffering of 'other' at a distance or removed, one brings suffering to self. This is the fundamental delusion and paradox of the nature of self, which brings both the apparent isolated qualities one has resistance to or fears, as well as the longing and seeking for ones' True-Nature. That is it's opportunity.

The notion that one used to be as those they observe and are separate by the means of Awareness, or 'awakeness', is a strategy of self, and the point at which one can notice how the patterns and vasanas that appear in and as other, are in fact a mirror, which brings Awareness to the conditioning, patterns, tendencies, and vasanas of self, through the notion and by the means of the 'other'. This is the measure, this is the practice. That which arises in self by means of 'other' is the True Teaching. This is how Awareness, Consciousness, Self, awakens, heals, and clears-out self. Be ever vigilant.

The addiction to self is that which precedes all forms and expressions of addictions, but which are in fact its' symptoms, a reference and pointer to suffering. These addictions, habits, patterns, vasanas, are symptoms and 'character traits' which may appear as 'delusions of delusions', but which are fundamentally a single delusion, that of the addiction to self. This is pragya-apardh, the expression of separation, the mistake of the intellect, the addiction to self. It is that which comes and goes within that which does not come and go.

As one is all, practice allows for the Being with all, not specific to concepts of teacher / student, healer / patient. Who is not a student? Who is not a teacher? The patient and the doctor are one. All arises here. Step into the notion of 'other'. Step into the suffering of 'other'. It is your self you will meet. Great compassion is always needed, and, is always present. This is the True-Nature of experience, and the experience of Nature.

There is no opportunity for healing, wellness, or awakeness of self, and in turn, societally, by means of the discrimination, notion, and belief in 'other'. To believe or identify suffering or 'other' as separate, can only bring identification and suffering. Approach what is seen, with and as, an act of Love. Notice resistance, and invite that which appears to be other to confess to self. Here is the intimacy one seeks. It is not the self that awakens, awakening is awake. Knowledge has nothing to know. All arises here.

Rest in and Surrender self to Self, to Truth. Love, Grace, Compassion, are True-Nature.