All is a pointer to Love, Love is a pointer to All, All is Love, Love is Self, Self is ALL

The seeking of love as other or object is determined by the materialist point of view of an imagined separate self that believes itself to be an other and object. Where does the belief that love is separate begin? Sensation is interpreted as thought, thoughts become a story, the self is identified as this story. Thoughts, feelings, sensations, are made objects, and believed to be the identity of a separate subject. This self 'has' love, 'gets' love, and never knows love, never IS love. Love can not be possessed, given, or taken. This separate self is determined by the notion of an inside / outside illusory duality. The love one seeks externally, is already the love one is. The belief of a separate self makes it 'my' love for ‘you'. The notion of possessing another is determined by the belief one possesses love as an object. Love can not be captured or contained. The apparent distance as the illusion of separation, dissolves as one IS Awareness of that which is present. That which is aware, all arises as That.

The knowing of love as other is the reflection of the love one IS. This is the awakened recognition of Self as Love. The love one knows by other is the love one is, and the love one is, is the reflection as other. Love for other is the recognition and an invitation to what is always present. This is who one is. This is the unconditional, unlimited, and infinite, made personal, conditional, and limited, by the finite notion of a separate self. There is no other. The notion of other is the separation from the love one seeks. The nature of love is changeless, eternal, beyond the notion of life or death, and is ones True Nature. The love one recognizes in or as other, is Presence as the love one IS.

Love is not a verb. One is embraced in the garland and as the garland itself. To surrender the notion of separation dissolves the object. To 'extend' love, is to believe one is the doer of love. In this there is no freedom. If there is no freedom, there will be searching, if there is searching, there will be longing, if there is longing there will be no happiness. Longing is the belief love is somewhere other, either as location, or in the illusion of future. The abstraction of time and space is made manifest to maintain the search for what one is. Always eternally looking as the eternal. One is already That which one seeks. Love simply IS, one IS love.

A moment appears that Love may be recognized. As every apparent moment to moment, Love

appears that one may be attracted. As one is attracted, one becomes transformed, and as one becomes transformed, one is sacrificed. The moth to the flame. It is this sacrifice one seeks. One can not receive without giving, and two can not occupy the same moment without being One. The self seeks love to disappear, Self as love recognizes itSelf. The self has always been knocking on the door of love to be inside. When the self disappears it is known, one was already, and always inside. Union is the end of separation. Union is Love. Love is the moment. One is That, That is Love. ~ samana

exercise: In looking at something or someone you love, or that which appears to bring love, notice that which arises and allow attention to rest as that, not the object. Be fully present with what is present, with and as sensation. The source of the feeling or sensation is believed to be a thought about an external other or object, at an apparent distance, location, or separate. This is determined by the belief and thought of the seer as a separate self. This is conditioned, and the hypnosis of projection. Notice that the actual seeing appears to be the source of what is present. Thoughts form around seeing in the same way as the image one holds for self.

Everything that is seen has a subtle reaction. This subtle reaction is the arising of the i thought, and the sense of 'me'. It is from this, the notion of doer-ship and ownership arises. That which is seen and the seeing are one as Knowing. Where is this knowing located? Does this knowing have location? Is this knowing separate from the love? Notice it is that which is seeing which is the source of the love that is present. Is that which is seeing separate from this source? Perception is reflected Consciousness, and one is this Consciousness, the Light of Awareness, constantly seeing its own reflection. The Knowing and the Love are One. Seeing is the reflection of Consciousness. The seer and the seen are one. Love is reflected Consciousness as Presence. That which is seeing IS love, and one is That.