As awakening is the Light of Awareness illuminating and unifying the seer, the seeing, and the seen, the shadow of self which remains obscured in darkness is the blind-spot. The Light of Awareness illuminates that which remains hidden, avoided, or unaccepted. The tendencies, habits, and traits of self which appear to have no reflection are closer than the external projections, the substitutes and investements, and their apparent hidden location, which is itself a tendency, habit, and trait to maintain the identification as struggle or suffering. There is a tendency to avoid seeing tendencies. This is the egos' game. The 'other' is the mirror and means to notice what arises, yet the other is blamed for the avoided and arising reactionary internal battle, conflict, and struggle one has not accepted, or welcomed as love, and as such, is the blind-spot. This is the means of un- enlightening. This brings the qualities and energetics of fear and the notion of being 'stuck', by means of an imagined fixed location. One would go to war sooner than question the idealism of ego.

What arises is believed to have an origin in the external. That which is projected to the notion of other or objects, is reflected back, and one experiences this as directed to self by other. This opportunity for clarity instead becomes a habitual means of contraction. Reaction is the gateway to ones' acceptance. Take the backwards step. Can one be as compassionate, loving, generous, kind to self, as one is to ‘other’? This is the illusory knot of self believing it can avoid Self. Tendencies that remain in the blind-spot are visible as reactivity, and yet acceptance and intimacy is sought in every encounter and act. This is seeking. Consider all apparent activity is to awaken. As such, the personal story of self is a blind-spot. Duality as division seeks to be whole, as One. That which remains hidden, un-enlightened, will seek the Light of Awareness and enlightenment, and the Light of Awareness illumines that which remains as the apparent density of location or the belief of that which remains hidden as belief, as a separate or isolated self. One is Love.