The self is not a noun or an object. The self is a continuous action, a process, a verb. The notion and sense of self is made complete and maintained by a stream of apparent successive moments that form the narrative of the story of i like frames of a film. This illusion of continuity is maintained by the belief and identification of self as the central character of the film.

If one were to walk into a dark room with a light, it would be cast on appearances, apparent separate objects in space. In the same way, if one were to try to find the self with Awareness as the light, one would only find ideas, thoughts, sensations. These are also only apparent objects in space, the objects of experience, and there is no subject to be found.

So who or where is the self? When one is stillness and silence, and one has dis-identified with ideas, thoughts, beliefs, sensations, as well as habits and patterns of behavior, what is present is not the either / or, the i am this, the i am that, but simply, I AM. Attention returns to Source. One is not a self who is conscious, one is Consciousness. There is not Awareness of something, there is only Awareness. One is the light itself that was looking, searching in the dark room. This is true intimacy, the intimacy one seeks, not with, but AS Presence.