What you do not want to hear or know is that there is nothing to hold onto. Even in crisis or all spiritual seeking there is clinging. Clinging to what? Can the clinger cling to itself? At one apparent stage it can be seen that everything is seeking, and all seeking is for that which is, not separate from and including the seeker. But this seeing does not bring you to rest. This incites and stimulates more and more clinging determined by a new view. This view becomes absorbed and transforms into a concept by which more seeking activity arises which is clinging. Who is clinging, and clinging to what? Every apparent freedom brings more mind limitations and identification as an attempt to stabilize and ground the body or a notion of self. A concept can not be grounded. Every name and term that has arisen for That is a concept. What is not seen is the dream, and the dreamer who is self, thinking about, writing about, feeling right, correct and good about concepts, and as such, feeling good about it-self, constantly settling and devising another new stage and identity as a way to hold on and cling, and trick itself into separation. How willing is this self to really know freedom? The fear of death persists, and this reveals the lack. When up against this apparent wall of lack, see if you know you are That. As one is That, there can be no lack. So what is there to cling to, and who is clinging? Let go of what? There is nothing to hold onto.