Reality pierces all the prized possessions of self

True-sight can bring fear, and with it, the belief something needs to be done arises. All that needs to be done is have open eyes and be still. For once things may be flowing as they are. Reality pierces all the prized possessions of self. The desire of self to have or hold true-sight, to see what is, to touch unity, to know Oneness, is not seen as the belief one needs to remain separate to do so. The taste invites the desire, which invites fear. One remembers and forgets. Suddenly the idea of Spirituality is not what one believed, and the happy, light, safe refuge becomes feared. Where does one rest?

The only thing to believe is that there are no beliefs. The only thing to know is that you do not know. The only thing to offer is YES. All the rest is your undoing. Everything has been believed to be about or support a personal 'me'. When it all starts to loosen, when it all falls apart, it is clear, all of it is belief, and nothing is personal.

All suffering can be traced back to a fundamental disagreement with what is, which is to challenge the universe, and argue with Presence. Of course this is not actually possible, or doable, as one is not the doer, and one IS Presence. But the egoic self believes this, and maintains a strict and defiant NO, in order to maintain the imaginary doer, protect it's identity, the illusory safety of beliefs, to remain separate, and not flow as exactly what is present and arises to be cleared and awaken. JUST SAY YES!