Question - Awareness seems limited and tied to self. Is awareness a perspective?

Reply - Awareness is not a perspective. It is that which precedes perspective. Awareness is the presence of Being as aware. it is how the I knows the I AM. That which believes Awareness to be limited and tied to self is a thought, a belief, not an experience, and separate from Awareness. This is mind. One cannot think of Awareness.

Duality is the belief that one is located within the body-mind, independant and separate from other, objects, and Awareness. The I AM experiences the body-mind and is not the experiencer. The I AM is not an object, and as such, not experienced. The I AM is present and aware, and as such, IS Awareness, Presence. Awareness is not simply the observer and witness of the body-mind, as this implies a separation of self as subject, and body-mind as object. Beliefs, concepts, thought, as limitation, are projected onto Awareness by mind, to re-inforce the notion of separation.

Awareness precedes the body-mind, the notion of object, and self, as the background of Being and experience. Awareness knows itself, as one knows itself to be. Awareness is unlimited, has no location, and is not bound by any concepts of the body-mind as space or time. As Awareness is not bound by self or the body-mind, it is Awareness itself that is aware of Awareness, and as such, unlimited, without location, and boundless. This recognition is the return of the obvious, a level or 'stage' of awakening, and that which is determined, hidden, or resisted, by the imagined self, its' belief and attachment to thought, and the identification to sensation. It is this separation which creates the longing for intimacy, ones' True-Nature, and suffering. Awareness knows itself to BE, as such one knows onself to be Awareness.