Rarely is the word 'beyond' uttered, for as the imaginary gap has dissolved, so too the notion of distance with it. There can be no distance 'to' or 'from', as one IS always. Yet the notion of ‘beyond’ is useful to speak to what is often invited, and which arises of the activity of the apparent dilemma of the so-called 'spiritual mind'.

When this i was dissolved into and as Heart, the very heart knot was cut. This is not the same as changing a mental state, a variance of perception, whereby seeing appears different by the modification or modulation of an apparent seer. Intellectual exercises simply remain as thought, and are but a possible aspect of unfolding in service to true surrender. The point of view of i is subject object determined, and as such, any notion of Self, of God, remains so, an object of the personal realm, a projection in service to time and space, determined by location and separation. The i is itself a point of view.

So, to speak to this in reference to the concept of 'beyond', simply would offer that as unfolding, what is called awakening, which is ever present and determines all surface activity which appears volitional as cause, but whose nature is in truth causeless, beyond the opening and realization of and as consciousness, is God-realization. The world itself is drawn into the heart as Heart as a stream, and blossoms as Divine Presence. This alone informs knowing, as this is Knowing. The knower and the known collapse as pure Knowing. This is the reverse of seeking to have mind inform the heart. The mind can never inform the heart, and this in fact may bring resistance and suffering.

Here inquiry may serve the question, 'who would seek to inform the heart', or who resists, or has a fundamental disagreement with what simply IS? This stance or position is to challenge the Beloved. This is to challenge God. This is to have resistance to what arises or is present. It is very easy for mind to attempt to hijack spirituality to serve mind, as a means of refuge, escape, or bypass. This can be subtle or gross, and may remain in the blind-spot. The blind-spot is the self. So often one who meets has shared about awakening, and was deeply rooted in certainty. It is very easy to get stuck in or cling to emptiness, nothingness. A conceptual understanding can not hold up to Heart, and as the Grace of surrender, every notion dissolves, and all that remains, is what remains, which is all that ever IS. Reductionist and nihilistic tendencies can not, will not, blossom. There can be no compassion or love here, and as such, no receiving, no availability, no serving. The actual flow of Grace remains limited, constricted.

And so what is ‘beyond’ an intellectual awakening, is Reality as it is. What is the very nature of that which appears to come and go, and that which does not come and go? Investigate this i and where it arises, as it too arises of Heart. All these individuals, loved ones, who arise and pass. What is the true nature of a broken heart? How does the Divine and human meet as one? Only Heart is the Knowing of appearances, as mind itself is an appearance. Surrender is the union of Bhakti and Jnana. You are not the knower of the known, there is nothing to figure out, solve, and spirituality is not a science. There is but Knowing. All Knowing arises of and as Heart, as Heart is Self.

God-Realization is all inclusive and holds no contradictions. There is no call to speak to Oneness as the apparent gap dissolves. It is indeed God which is writing this, and reading this. All practices, understandings, paths, align and reconcile here, as they All arise here. This is the end of disagreement, challenge, resistance, for as the i dissolves, so to the personal, the object, and with it the personal object God. This too is God. God-Realization is, from a particular point of view, 'beyond' the fruit of awakening, yet is the tree itSelf.