Inquiry - How do I know what I am, my True-Nature?

Question - How do I know what I am, my True-Nature?

Reply - One is always that, never separate. It is Awareness which determines longing. Longing is separation as it is dual by nature. Longing is the notion and belief that what one seeks is other, outside, somewhere, or separate. However, longing is the path home, to clarity, and the weakening of resistance to and by the self. The question arises, as one does not know by means of the identification with self. Who is it that asks the question? Look no further than to what is always present. Look within. Bring focused attention, Awareness, to the sense of aliveness, the sense of Being. This I AM is that which is prior to the notion of self. Be still and rest AS, not with, the sense of Being. Any and everything that follows I AM is the construct of self, and the movement away from Awareness, ones' True-Nature. Notice this. With belief and identification arises the notion of separation as I AM this, I AM that. Notice this. I AM IS ONE, as such, there is Awareness that One is not separate from all that is seen, as it is One that is seeing. For example, to the self, the notion of environment is itself separation. One may speak of 'going out' or 'into nature'. This is the notion and belief of a separate self. The plants and trees are ones' respiration, the waters are ones' circulation, the earth and ground is ones' body, the air is ones' breath. To recognize ones' True-Nature is to collapse the notion of separation. One is already that which one seeks. The sense of Being is not ones' own. It is that which is prior to self, that which is eternal, infinite. There is only One. One is That, as One Is One.