The light of the full moon is by means of the glory of reflection of the Eternal alone. Living witness and reflection as the Divine as Self, Atman and Brahman as One. One without a second. Essence of the Essence. i-Thou, Thou-i. The sun has no night.

On this auspicious and sacred day of days Guru Purnima, this timeless day of the first and ever present sermon which is itSelf free of time. Every offering reflecting every offering, every offering an initiation, every offering an invitation, into and as the sweet fruit of freedom and the unlimited unborn Heart. May the invitation and the welcoming be as One.

This apparent connection is itself free of time, the liberation of any notion of connection, as that which is prior and beyond, two streams as one, this relation-ship, a ferry, a raft, across the great river, beyond as Now, as this Divine Ocean of Consciousness.

Blessings and Gratitude to and for all Teachers, all Sages, all Gurus, all Teachings, as all arise of the one Teacher, the one Guru, the one Teaching, the one Self, Self of all selves, as the many faces, the many names, the manifest multiplicity of appearance.

May all Teachers be served unlimitedly by and as their selfless serving. A single tear of ecstasy arises of Heart and merges as the ocean. The humble gratitude is the Grace of the living pointers as teachings, as this too serves the living loving erosion of obstacles, the dispelling of darkness, freeing of notions, transcending of all perceived limitations, removing of the rust of the lock on the apparent treasure box, purification of the poisons of illusion, and to serve the residing in and as the Truth as the eternal abode Heart. Two walk together as one and leave no footprints on this pathless-path.

The heartbeat is a mantra. This heart sings, recites, celebrates, and rejoices, Bhajans, Kirtan, Hymns and Stotra. The fire of the heart is the Grace of the living Puja which is the Eternal sacrificial Flame which offers Holy Silence. The breath is receiving and surrender, the thanks and giving, by the Grace of endless Devotion, the embrace as endless Satsang.

And to rest as the fullness of receiving, that all is teaching, all is a teacher, all is serving by means of reflection, of the one Guru which is Heart. Every mentor, guide, Healer, all Saints, congregate and gather. Pray and Love.

You who consumes fears, you who consumes doubts, you who consumes blocks, you who consumes karma, you who consumes ignorance, you who consumes all the darkness of heart, unconditionally, and serves the liberation and transformation as the universal unfolding to and as This.

The true, the one Teacher and Guru, is a Bridge, a Ferry, a Raft and Vessel. The bird at the window. The gentle breeze and storm. The flower, the thorn, and fragrance. The bittersweet and the honey. Oh mighty tree which patiently resides in the seed, oh mighty rain whose persistence wears down stone.

This elemental body and Self, this play of reflection, infinite sky, light of the full moon, conjoiner of apparent opposites, embodiment of all teachings as the vital garland, shower of blessings, Guru tattwa, Guru principle, compassionate elevation, oh patient one, one who imparts, one who receives, one who holds, one who ever listens, one who ever hears, one who ever sees, one who ever resides as the taste.

The Grace of union which manifests One. The subtle touch and radiance within and without. The door which remains ever open. The embodiment of senses that the eye may see itself. The physical and Presence which arise as fruit. Fruit of the heart. Flower of the heart. Tears of the heart. Forever lost and found in and as Love. Jai Gurudev Jai Gurudev

Oh Mother, oh Father, oh child and elder, oh one who is ever serving every apparent birth and passage, key of the treasure box, instrument of mercy, smallest of small, greatest of great, the drop and the ocean, the seed and the tree, the emptiness and fullness, the living centerless center by which all arises and returns, Bindu, All Love. Satchitananda.

To that which appears to have passed, to that which is yet to be, as That which is ever present, never fading, this sun which never sets and illumines all. That which listens, That which knows, That which holds, That which IS. Beloved. You are me, i am you, I AM.