The i-self is determined by and as experience. The i-self is experienced as a body. The body is experienced as sensation. The mind is experienced as thought. The i-self believes it is in an object- body of fixed location looking at and experiencing an object-world of time and space. As attention is brought to the nature of experience, it can be recognized that all these experiences are the same. If the body-mind, and world are all objects which are experienced the same, who is the experiencer? This knowing is non-objective Awareness. However, this is a dualistic point of view of subject- object, as this knowing and the body-mind and world are seen as separate. As attention is brought to the experience, it can be recognized there is no distance between the apparent objects and the knowing of them. There is no boundary that determines a limit of Awareness or knowing, and the apparent object. It is here that Awareness can be recognized as unlimited, that of which all arises. However, this too is the dualistic point of view of subject-object, as the body-mind and the world of appearances do not arise within Awareness. There is no inside-outside, no distance, no between. Subject and object are one and neither. There is no subject or object to be at one ‘with’. All arises AS Awareness. This is to close the apparent gap. The body-mind arises as Awareness. The world and all appearances arise as Awareness. There is no seer, as the seeing and the seen are one. Awareness is never something other than itself, which is everything. Awareness is Self-revealed, Self-aware, Self-reflected. The all that is perceived is that which knows the all. The apparent i shifts 'from' something 'to' everything.