Inquiry - “It is as if everything is falling away, and there is a lot of fear surfacing.”

Reply - “Why would one choose to have their world fall apart in favor of the unknown? What is the nature of this falling away of all one has come to know and identify with? The questions are running out. The questions are coming to an end. There is no choice at all. While clinging to the false-self is conditioned, it is a reflex, a habit. The false-self is itself the conditioning. This imagined self has had a life of doing anything it can to survive and remain in control. It has been the means and nature of survival itself. But now everything urges one to liberation. Clinging is fear. Fear of the unfamiliar, the unknown, the Mystery. Fear of being groundless. Fear of ones

pain, True-Self, of Self, of the Divine. The belief and sense that one has been hiding from Truth may be uncovered. This recognition alone has the potential for an enormous release of sensation, energy, as well as creating confusion and a sudden and profound disorientation. To suddenly awake from the dream of the notion of self, the game that has been carefully constructed, supported, protected, managed, served, defended, is liberating, a relief, and can also be profoundly challenging.

The sudden Awareness as the recognition and of the reflection of ones seeking, hiding, pain, effort, struggle, deceptions, manipulations, as well as the substantial energy and effort that has been required and employed to maintain these strategies and the illusion, can be overwhelming. Who is this one who feels overwhelmed? As seeing is transparent, the inter-connectedness and relationships of self, and how it is co-dependent is apparent. The game is over. The play is self feeding on self in order to fuel, sustain, and maintain the ongoing effort of maintenance and support. The karmic body, is the body of karma. An apparent worldly and generational play and addiction. Clarity arises as Awareness, the strategies, tendencies, and habits are illumined, and how one has identified and subsequently contributed to the apparent play. This seemingly sudden Awareness allows for a profound shift as the fullness of receiving and availability of compassion for self, for life, as the heart breaks open as Heart. This opening to and as openness is healing, receiving, healing is invited, and healing is ever present. This is Grace. One is the Awareness, Awareness is Heart, Heart is Self.

One is simultaneously losing oneself and awakening. This is the nature of dis-identification. The self does not awaken, awakening is from the self. The Grace that is present has always been so. Grace opens the heart, as the Heart, in a way, and on an apparent scale, that has never been known or experienced as a limited, contracted, identification with self. An expansion and spaciousness of light, as Presence, which emanates both from and as Being. The I AM. You are unbecoming, as That which you already are. Grace is the invitation and the welcoming, as one, as acceptance. You are moving out of the home you have built and established. You have built this home that you are now faced with losing. You have nurtured and protected it. It has served you in times of suffering and has also caused suffering. It has given shelter in storms and brought many. It has allowed you to hide in times of trauma, and in turn you have remained hidden, survived, and safe. It has served you, you have served it, and as the Grace that surrounds and holds you, you find compassion, and can offer compassion towards self, let go, and give thanks for what is, as freedom and transformation. Here is the compassion for others who still cling and suffer, for the awakened, for those in the dream, and for those who are struggling along the way. As true-sight, one is home, resting as True-Nature, as Presence, as Grace. Be still.