The notion of responsibility is relative and proportionate to the process and the verb known as self, which is fundamentally determined by the fixation on and by apparent content as a means to validate and maintain contraction, which is the identity and the process it-self.
The self is not a noun. The self appears as a process, a verb. The self as verb is the action, of which responsibility arises as counter-action, to be free of self determining by means of the apparent content. The process of self-determination, the bearing down quality which precedes and instills the sensation of suffering and the suffering sensation, the imagined locating and fixing of self- centeredness, separates one from and as the formless ground of Being, which is the condition of the Karmic realm of cause and effect, this and that, birth and death, the condition and position of bodily identification, fear, and struggle, as time.

These self-imposed boundaries of limit give rise to the notion of failure and longing. When the habit of the seeking attention is no longer in position with the content, it is no longer served, and no longer serves. As such, the content becomes diminished and obsolete. The tendencies lose all apparent power and authority. That which arises is the offering of perpetual surrender. This is

Divine communion, and this is the closing of and as the apparent gap. This is the way of Devotion, Bhakti, and Bhakti and Jnana are One.

To be in and as Devotion, as the invitation and the welcoming are one. Everything which arises is offered, and this is the benevolence, the benevolent counter-action, as offering what arises, which is the content, and the content is self. As attention returns to Source, mind dissolves as Heart. The objects of attention determine the notion of the object self, and there is but the Pure Subject, Self. Every breath is devotion. The flame of silence consumes all that is not love. What remains is All that Is.