One need only get out of their own way. This other does not exist. Mind is engaged fully with un-enlightening. Every sensation that arises becomes the story of self as the means to remain limited. One seeks a fixed location with the belief of the individual as separate, internal, external, and other. The limited notion of self is threatened by freedom, and dissolution. The fear that arises is believed to be self. The loop of identification is the dream-trap. Suffering and imagination are partners in illusion. Concepts are the objects of the subject. Peace of mind is the mind cycle of self engagement. The nature of mind is to be restless.

Stillness is all that is needed, and this simple act is fiercely avoided and resisted. Why? One believes they can have their cake and eat it too. One believes self awakens, and can be who they believe themselves to be but in a new form. One seeks freedom, and fears the notion of the end of a self-centered nature. One desires to remain in control, and also be Presence. The self wants to be non-dual. Ego wants to be an awakened ego. One wants to be an enlightened self. One seeks Oneness and wishes to remain separate. There are no such things. This is the path of suffering. Love and hate can not co-exist. There is no willingness to drop all the suitcases and simply be home.

When the heart is truly ready, the light of Awareness fills it. When the mind is truly ready, there is stillness, and all that is seeking and disturbance is seen as such, and Awareness of this i, this body-mind is known as such and comes to rest. Mind itself arises of Awareness, is nature itself. For mind to know mind is to go beyond mind. Investigate the nature of experience. Every apparent state is a wave that is ridden without investigation. Where has one gone? Mind is the assembly of impermanent states, as such, not reality as it is. The notion of 'i am this state', 'i am that state', is the identification with every passing state and wave. A drop believes it is separate and seeks the ocean. One is the ocean. States, as waves, appear to arise and fall, come and go. What is that which does not come and go, is ever present as the apparent background of all experience, unlimited, eternal?

This you, you believe you are, is THAT. Surrender struggling against what appears to be your own mind and be still. To recognize that which comes and goes is the nature of Presence. In stillness is silence. When all thoughts, and all that is known comes to rest, the unknown remains. It is here the movement of mind is seen, and dissolved. Who is the knower? As one has abandoned truth, one can now reverse this pattern, and abandon belief. There is only knowing, and as such, being. The illusion of past determines now. Be still, Be now.