Bring all attention to the heart. As attention rests in the heart, attention rests As Heart, as Self. The conditioning is such that the habit is the outward attention, which maintains the sense of a separate self. The outward attention is bound by and to objects, external, as inside outside, thus validating the sense of object-self as a separate object, by means of reflection. Simply consider that all apparent movement of attention outward is the self. The separate self is the activity. The movement is division. As outward attention, seeking, objects are known. As attention rests as Heart, there is but Knowing, as there is but Awareness of Awareness, as Self.

The subtle habit of attention is to follow sensation or thought, and to be identified by and as these. That which is labelled thoughts are only so by means of the attention given them. Thought is activity. This outward seeking attention instills the sense of a lack of peace, silence, or stillness. The habit is the apparent movement away from what is, as distraction. Self is always present, as one is That.

It is by means of the habit of attention alone that there is the belief of lack, expressed as longing, for that which simply Is. As attention remains as Heart, this is to have attention return to Source. From where do thoughts arise? Is there a beginning or end to a thought? From where does the sense of i arise?

As attention remains as Heart, there is but seeing as Heart. Free of distraction, there is the emptiness of peace, and the peace of emptiness. As such, one is free to move about the day.
The question comes up as to whether spirituality or nonduality is dissociative. It is in fact this apparent movement of self, by means of the habit of attention, which is the dissociation, as the trance of self, and which is the conditioned state that keeps one seeking wholeness. This maintains the seeking, the longing, and the sense and belief of a separate, isolated, self called 'me'.

As all attention follows thought and sensation, and as this is identified with and by, this is the complex of beliefs which appear to congregate and substantiate the very notion, the idea of self. As the tendency is to follow, all that follows the sense of I AM, is superimposed. This is to express 'i am sad', 'i am happy', 'i am hungry', 'i am cold', 'i am grieving', 'i am depressed'. These thoughts and sensations, are believed to define the self, as the simplicity of Being, that which is the Knowing, of and as Awareness of Being, appears to be absent, yet remains as the ever present invitation.