The apparent world which is interpreted as duality, the fundamental subject-object relationship, is determined by the conditioned following of the i-thought as the procession of the outward movement of attention. I am this and I am that substantiates location as time and space, now and then, here and there, and the imagined separation and isolation of me and you, us and them is the extemporaneous projection known as the world. This i-thought is itself universal, ancient, and merely interpreted as personal by means of attachment. The unfolding of this i-thought attachment is the Grace of the radiant purification of the transpersonal fire of love, which illumines that which is longing, and consumes that which is not love. Whether gradually as the fuse of practice, or the immediacy of the spark, the collapse of the nexus into and as the Flame Of Silence consumes all position, as attention falls unto itself, returns to Source, to and as Heart, as Grace, and this is the Lover and the Beloved as One. That which appears to arise is ever present, and neither phenomenal nor effect, as cause and effect disappear with the determined one who determines, and that which simply is, is immanent. The perfume of the rose is not given by the rose, the perfume is not separate, as the sweetness of honey, the wetness of water, all simply inherent as One.