That which IS, is Omniscient, Omnipresent. Self is the infinite and eternal formless Reality that permeates the arising of every apparent form, and is the form itself. That which is the body is the means of the recognition of True-Nature as the nature of the experience of Knowing. That which is called awakening is Self-realization, Self aware of Self. The person does not awaken, 'awakeness' happens. Separation is the notion and belief of a 'me' as subject, and 'it' or 'other' as object, this or that. The belief of the Absolute as visible and invisible by the means of ones' own visibility is made so by the mind and it's thought reflection alone, as every visible and invisible aspect is in fact Essence and Source. As such, there are not two things. There is also not one thing, as nothing is independent or separate. There is only The One. That which is, is formless, not an object, and as such, there can be no image or representation of That, only reflection. That which IS has no opposite, no opposition. That which is observing Oneness is Oneness. One is not separate from All. All is sacred without distinction or discrimination. One is This and That. All IS