Sri Samana Satsang
Transcript Oct. 28 2017

Namaste - Dear Ones. It is so beautiful that we meet. This is the whole work right here, is this simplicity, is this sitting. This is the fullest, and full recognition of Heart. There is the felt-sense of each one of you as mySelf. It is pure. It is this true surrender which arises in these apparent levels and stages of surrender of what is not true. It is to surrender the condition. 

Often sharing is never about linear time, but we speak to it as a tool, it's useful. We have to meet at this time and we can be here at this time, and there's some co-ordinating and coordinates in that, that facilitates this in a linear way that we can congregate, commune. And so, in a recognition of this linear gathering this linear assembling - if we were to proceed from this and at this linear condition, we can recognize it's in crisis. Undoubtedly so. Subtly, internally, externally, expansively, this driving outward condition, imposing, impelling, longing, determining and self-sustaining by its own hypnosis. And the contraction finds methods and practices and learns skills and techniques, all as a means to maintain itself, with the notion of freedom. And how many steps in the other direction, in a linear sense, is the Truth, or freedom from all that outward tendency of momentum and momentum of tendency?  Keep reading

The way of Heart

There is no getting somewhere, and no linear time of past and future which determines the very Truth of and as this arising, as Presence. For the very arising of the i-thought is the means to the sacrifice, as a moth to a flame. Look to the nature of experience, not the experience. There is no doer of This, as This is Grace. One can not be forced or made to Love, yet one is drawn to Love, not by appearances or objects, but as a means to disappear, for the i-thought to be sacrificed in and as the Flame Of Silence. This is the direct means, the Bird Path, which is the way of Heart. The way of Heart is not one of accumulation and possession, it is one of renunciation. This is not about self doing for self by material means. This is not the activity of the collector. Love or freedom are labels determined by a position, yet they themselves are not determined by an object, and remain when the object disappears. True renunciation arises of the taste, as once one has the taste, one loses their taste for what is not real, and what is not true. This is spontaneous inquiry without beginning or end. This is the nature of unfolding. This is the nature of Love. This is Grace. Every arising of the i-thought is but the means and the invitation for the i-thought to return to Source, which is Heart, that the invitation and the welcoming may be as One. Heart is Self, and This is your true abode, which does not reside in you, you reside in This, as you arise of and as This, as all is Self, all IS.

Perception and Apperception

There's a distinction between perception and apperception. Perception is of the character, it's conditioned and it's solely determined by objects, which means its fundamental nature is separation. The habit is this notion that the subject self is such by means of its reflection of object, so separation must be maintained to be present, but this is completely illusory. Objects are by themselves not really objects the way that we're conditioned, there's a great transparency actually, but this perception is a construct of the self about Consciousness. Consciousness is reflective because Consciousness is conscious of itself. That forms the notion of i, but apperception is a transcendental form of perception because it is determined as Knowing which has no location, it is not determined by the senses, and the senses of Beingness conditioned to be objects.

Apperception is not empirical, it is nothing to figure out, it cannot be understood with the mind that arises of separation because the fundamental belief is that there is 'my mind’. Everything becomes isolated, everything becomes separate, and that's completely imaginary, and even imagination is of the separate mind. The notion of i is completely constructed of the following of thought. That determines the object, the perception not the apperception. And all that's happening is the ongoing waking up of everything in all the residue, all the agitation arising to be loved, as Love, to step into the flame. The apparent blocks are of the mind, the mind is of the character, the character is imagined, where are the blocks?

Silence is the flame, and what that means is that it is to cleanse that which is not real. It is the ongoing, unbounded, no beginning, no end, transformative nature of Being, it is that of no birth and no death, that is who you are. To see is to see with the eyes of God. There is really nothing else. There's nothing personal about it. As this Knowing, it is apparent that the knowing is the Flame. You can investigate and entertain all the material doubts, can spend days talking about doubts and questions, and who is asking that? Where are the doubts arising? Where do the questions come from? What is prior to that? This is apperception versus perception. It is so conditioned to try to have, even the truth, even what is right here, become separate, become conditioned, as if Truth could be conditioned. Who is this one that would believe that the truth could be conditioned? The object is hypnotized, hypnotized by its own perception and the perception is not its own, there is no 'own'.