Sri Samana


"Sri Samana is a presence of unconditional love and wisdom serving as a pointer
to what is always here, a gateless-gate as Truth, and Awakening" -Satsang friend.

Sri Samana has been quietly offering Satsang for years. Sri Samana is a liberated presence, a being who has a life-long body of wisdom of healing arts, including Ayurveda, and draws from many sources as an integrated inquiry, serving wholeness and the awakening from the hypnosis of the dream to and as the timeless, eternal, unbound Self. Some who meet are physically suffering, some are ripe for the fruit of Silence. He charges no money, does not have exotic retreats, or a product line. As a Realized one, he does not speak to the intellectual understanding of nonduality, but offers the transcendant Knowing, as he abides as That. For Samana, Bhakti and Jnana are one, and he speaks to and as the awakened Heart as Self. As he says, "every breath is devotion", "the invitation is ever present." From his home in the forest, he humbly meets people from all over the world, in private sessions and group Satsang, both online and in residence. All are welcome. -from a loving Samana Satsang Friend. 

Everybody nowadays is a lot of talk, all talk,
but YOU have been called to put Love in action.
— To Sri Samana from Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi / Amma

Samana is a true Awakened Being. One has only to spend 30 seconds with Samana, either in person or online, to hear his voice, to look into his eyes, to know and feel deep within oneself that you are in the company of a master. His direct presence automatically causes an awakening in you. Something in you recognizes the Light in him and opens to greet it. It is an energy, an electric field. It is a flame. It is Self. Samana is a fire that burns brightly, so that your own fire burns more brightly when he is near. It is impossible to lie to him. It is impossible to stay cold and closed and cynical with him. The movement in and as his presence is towards silence, speechlessness, tears, joy, gratitude, devotion. And he will meet your every step. Samana is a mirror. He is your own true self, your soul, your inner child, your long lost innocence. Come home.

Through Samana, a life of vast and extensive knowledge and  experience with healing modalities has arisen. He is experienced with helping to manage and calm the sometimes destabilizing effects of true spiritual awakening, including Kundalini and spiritual emergency. He is familiar with a wide variety of herbs, the effect of diet, lifestyle, environment, posture, movement, livelihood. His very presence quiets your mind and opens your heart. Unlike many spiritual teachers, he will allow time for you to discuss what is going on in your life and your challenges and use these as an invitation to inquire and engage more deeply.

Samana understands suffering. He is infinite compassion, loving and kind and supportive. He can be tough if he senses you are ready for it, or he can be sweet as a cup of tea. He is always available for you. His very presence is to serve. He works tirelessly in consideration of his students and those who rely upon him.

Samana doesn’t charge a dime for his teachings. He is a true master who humbly serves as selfless service. He can show you how turning towards the suffering in your life, serving others in your life, following this same path may also work to help you to experience the kind of heart opening and shift in Awareness that abides in and as Him.

Samana is not going to tell you to believe in anything, or to adopt a certain set of values or principles. He is not going to pacify you or train your ego. Samana is not about self improvement or self help, though his path will improve and help you. Those improvements are a side effect, not the main point. The main point is a direct, pure, brutally honest, direct experience of what you are, your true nature. His path is a stripping and burning and dissolving away of all that is false and not you. If you are concerned about spiritual bypass, but also want a true practice which will deliver on the promise of dissolving the illusion of self, tasting emptiness, non-dual perception with abiding heart opening, look here.

Many of the historic enlightened beings were reported to have burst out into laughter when they had their realizations. Samana is always ready to inject joy and humor into his meetings and sharings. Humor comes as a soothing balm on the raw and open wounds of the heart that has just started to open. - Joshua, from the Sangha