Short Notes


That, which is referred to as Direct-Path, Direct-Teachings, is Direct Seeing, neither seer or seen, free of the filter of self, which as this apparent perceiver is dissociation, is an altered-state. The egoic state is the only state, which is a projection of mind as the false-self. Spirituality, so-called awakening, enlightenment, refers to the natural-state, which is stateless, as it is un-altered. Pure Consciousness is unalloyed. Any notion of apparent measure is determined by the degree of egoic self-reflection. The play of ego must maintain effort every apparent moment to moment to support illusion and that which is not true, fueled by the untrue itself to maintain effort by means of the habit of attention and distraction as the apparent outward-arc. All crisis arises of and as will. This crisis of want and not want, desire and aversion, pushing away and grasping, longing and escape, until the struggle is surrendered and the very notion of will dissolves, and here it is recognized that will is ego. Every crisis is initiation. Crisis itself holds wonder, awe and amazement, and here Sadhana blossoms. The effort can not reach what or where one is pulled to. One is pressed against the skin of limit. This is the taste of the illusion of power as powerlessness. The doubt which arises is emblematic of crisis. A guru, a teacher, a sage, will increase crisis, turn up the heat and not console, to put an end to will as effort. An inducing of labor for birth. To stand in the fire with This, is unconditional love as Grace. To stand AS This, the flame is selfless, the mirror of and AS the one Divine Condition. Self-evident, Self-radiant. 

Love is not a verb. One is embraced in the garland and as the garland itself. To surrender the notion of separation dissolves the object. To 'extend' love, is to believe one is the doer of love. In this there is no freedom. If there is no freedom, there will be searching, if there is searching, there will be longing, if there is longing there will be no happiness. Longing is the belief love is somewhere other, either as location, or in the illusion of future. The abstraction of time and space is made manifest to maintain the search for what one is. Always eternally looking as the eternal. One is already That which one seeks. Love simply IS, one IS love.

Mind itself is the moth which dances around the Flame Of Silence which resides in and as Heart. Only a few will know this flame, few are called to it, and fewer will taste it and be consumed, yet every aspect of this play, this apparent arising, is determined by and as This, the yes and no, the fear and attraction, the longing and aversion, all the dance of the moth seeking to come to rest and be as one with and as the flame. The Flame Of Silence appears within, and the taste consumes the notion of within and without, all direction, location, and desire. The mind returns to Source, and Source is Silence. The Flame Of Silence consumes all that is not true. The dance is but a momentary dream, the flame is the eternal light and formless unconditioned source of all radiance and illumination as the unborn Heart.

The liberating impulse is uncaused and offers no understanding through the prism of experience and the experiencer. The radical freeing of attention is the fearless and complete sacrifice of the notion of position and location to Heart as the Truth of Divine Communion. Heart is the one true abode of the garland and embrace, transcendent and immanent, as union. When the veil is lifted there is but compassion as serving as the lifting of the veil, and this is Grace. The one who remains in silence is drawn to the flame, the one who abides as silence is the flame. Love can only refer to That which can not be contained, has no beginning or end, and one arises of and as That. Unconditioned, unbound, unlimited, love without an object, all that remains is all that ever is. Every breath is devotion, and devotion is the radiant love of Truth. The invitation is ever present. May the invitation and the welcoming be as one. 

Do not be seduced or entranced by the apparent story of other, nor seek higher states, which is the apparent movement away from the Truth of Unicity and the Essence of and as Illumined Radiance. Welcome the invitation of the arising question, disbelief, and eventual wonder, and feast on discovery as a means to humbly dissolve any and every notion of center and position. As all apparent objects as inner and outer are one, the mirage of cause and effect dissolves, what remains is the Pure Subject. Free all expectations and want, transcendance is neither to or from, but simply the natural stateless-state. Nothing is absolute but the Absolute.

An eclipse is the humbling of arrogance. All the imagined progress, technology, certainty, the illusion of control, all humbled by what simply is. The fundamental belief that 'nature' is something other and separate, which facilitates the profit of arrogance to sustain itself. Nothing is or has ever been in 'your' control. The eclipse which is made entertainment offers the Grace of humility by means of the recognition nothing is of ones control or volition.

As darkness appears to transit light, and light appears to transit darkness, arises the recognition of the appearance of passing phenomena, as dark and light are never separate, and determination is by means of other. All movement is of an apparent point of view, a dream of distance and location. As darkness appears to transit light, that which is dormant is unseated and arises to dissolve as light. Vasanas, conditioning, tendencies, all illumine in and as the light of Awareness.

To eclipse is to also reveal what is unseen by means of the familiar, and to taste the radiance of illumination is the humbling as the Grace of purification in and as the light. The relative unsettling of the familiar is the Grace of direct discrimination of what is true, ever present, and what remains, as a means to awaken. The reflective mind itself is eclipsed by the Heart, the abiding eternal Source of illumination as Self. To eclipse is also to enlighten. In darkness and light, in sleep or waking states, be still and know, as Knowing, I AM. 

No attachment to anything, no experience, no experiencer, attention moves effortlessly from one thing to another without the need to grasp or hold. Because there is no form taken with which a desire could be projected from. When attention goes out and the 'me' is formed with which desires may be projected, you forget that all of this will pass, time is created through the instrument of mind, and the world emerges over the Reality.

One can get stuck in the honey as much as the mud. What a remarkable self-adjusting mechanism of attachment and identification ego is. The mud can also appear sweet, and the honey can be as mud. Only the notion of i has preferences. When the notions cease, and the clinging is relaxed, suffering comes to rest. Neither here or there. All that remains is all that is, Presence, and one is That. 

A moment appears that Love may be recognized. In every apparent moment to moment Love appears that one may be attracted. As one is attracted, one becomes transformed, and as one becomes transformed, one is sacrificed. It is this sacrifice one seeks. One can not receive without giving, and two can not occupy the same moment without being One. Union is the end of separation. Union is Love. Love is the moment. 

Every raga begins with the foundation of a drone, typically a tanpura. All other instruments build, layer, and play over this drone. The nature of the play, as life, is freely improvised, spontaneous, and of undeterminable length. No matter how complex the appearance of the play and the players, all that comes and goes, the subtle drone which may be forgotten or overshadowed is ever present as the substratum of the play of appearances, as that which does not come and go. All rests on and as That. As mind is turned inward, to the substratum, mind is turned to the Divine. As this practice is stabilized, this practice establishes itSelf, and one is established in and as the substratum. This too arises spontaneously without effort. To rest in the taste is to rest as the taste. To keep mind turned to the Divine, is to recognize the i thought arises of This. This is the natural state, the stateless-state. One is the substratum which does not come and go, of which all appearances that come and go arise.

Where is your resting place? There is no way to here and now. No distance. There is no becoming, projecting, or conceptualizing here. No doing, no undoing. There is nowhere to go or get to. What you seek is here now. The journey is not about becoming something. The journey is about unbecoming what one is not. Notice the i as a rising experience. The i thought like the body seeks a boundary. This is where the experience of past arises. There arises an impulse of yes or no. Yes and no become reactivity and apparent clarity. And as Awareness of Awareness, it is here nothing of the questions of the world arise. Unconditioned Awareness, Presence, is always here, always now. Awareness as this moment as Awareness. Awareness, like the sun, may appear to come and go, but is ever present and radiant. The sun has no night. The imagined self disappears in the Light of Awareness like a shadow in the light of the sun.

Longing for Self and desire for attainment are not the same. The desire for attainment has a subtle doubt which resides out of conscious Awareness. Both the desire and the thought of attainment maintain the mind. The one true desire is longing, which is the longing for Self, for God. The longing is That which it longs for. This is true desire for liberation, not the desire for attainment, which is a variance of the self, a state, and the desire for escape, refuge, or the apparent movement away as separation. True longing stokes the Flame Of Silence, which burns away and consumes all other desires. As this flame continues to burn, it is realized to be Self, and as one is consumed by the Flame Of Silence, one is the Flame Of Silence. One is Self. The Flame Of Silence ignites many flames yet remains unchanged.

Reality has no reference points. All efforts and subsequent struggles are of the desire of ego to be heard and accepted. It is the impressing. Who is in competition with who? There is nothing to attain as freedom. Freedom itself is the illusory future of the bondage of past. Even as the habit of phenomena gains momentum, there can be no denying Being. There need be no effort or desire to be, as Being is Self-evident. The Grace of humbling is the erosion of the conditioned defenses which reveals the beauty of vulnerability as the purity of illumined innocence. The willingness to receive is the invitation to readiness. When there is nothing else, there is readiness. The welcoming is witness to the dissolving of conditioning. What remains is all that ever is.

To be in and as Devotion, as the invitation and the welcoming are one. Everything which arises is offered, and this is the benevolence, the benevolent counter-action, as offering what arises, which is the content, and the content is self. As attention returns to Source, mind dissolves as Heart. The objects of attention determine the notion of the separate subject self, and there is but the Pure Subject, Self. Every breath is devotion. The Flame Of Silence consumes all that is not love. What remains is All that Is.

Beloved, there can be no apparent movement nor 'to and from' Source, which simply ever IS, immanent, free of any position or notion of level, or concept of relative and absolute. Free of any stories, what remains? All longing is That which is longed for. Who is it that tastes this nectar? It is the nectar itSelf.

Dear One, do not be determined by appearances, or that which comes and goes. It is the seeing itself which is forgotten in the reflection of the play. The light you see is your own. Everything else follows the i thought. The nature of the i thought is of the habit of distraction. The outward arc of desire is the apparent movement away from Heart, Self, and this is the fundamental hypnosis, as all there is, is Heart. The very notion of i arises of that. All that is as seeing is you. You come, you go, yet you are eternal. The object can not be captured, there is but the pure Subject. This body is of the elemental dance. Seamless, flowing. Awareness is not determined by the i thought. A ghost can not be liberated, and who you are is unlimited, unbound, timeless. Over and over you appear in and as this multiplicity. Spontaneous Presence. Beloved just for this apparent day, fall in love and disappear. Love without an object. Love without desire. Love without conditions, as you are Love itSelf. Offer the i thought as Prasad. Receive the fullness you are and disappear. All there is, is Heart. Namaskar Namaskar Namaskar. May all beings rest as Peace, as Clarity, as Presence, as Self. Such is Love, such is Grace. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

When all the seeking and spirituality are activity, this activity is a distraction 'from' what one seeks, and is the egoic reinforcement and substantiation of the character that seeks its own demise or enlightening. The character can not and never will awaken or illumine as it is a ghost. Selfless serving is a direct means to no-self, and rather than the play of mental concepts, Seva, as karma-yoga is an active means to dissolving suffering, as the breathing in or serving of the suffering of 'other' is to dissolve any notion of other. The mind can not and never will awaken or illumine as it is a ghost. The very notion of i arises of Heart, and as all seeking thoughts return to Heart, a great compassion arises. Compassion arises to lift the veil, and when this veil is lifted, only compassion remains, and this is Grace.

As one realizes that all is Self, and moves about this apparent world, it is true that all is a reflection, and all that is met or arises is Grace. It is also true that this world is determined by suffering and the longing for love and the natural-state. Most are fully engaged and identified with and by a story of abandonment and loss, of unworthiness and lack, determined by the imagined polarities of past and future, desire and aversion, and when met with and as unconditional love, or even simple respect, politeness, and appreciation, it is unfamiliar, unsettling, and yet the Grace of this remedial simplicity speaks directly to heart as Heart, as it is Self which recognizes Self. Everyone you meet is yourself. There is no separation, no other. Simple kindness and gentle love and appreciation has the full capacity, power, and authority to awaken both the one who is asleep and in the hypnosis of the dream story and the one who offers, and this is Grace. Sending and receiving are One. The welcoming and the invitation are One. All arises of reflection. The seer, seeing, and seen are One. All is Self.

The apparent world which is interpreted as duality, the fundamental subject-object relationship, is determined by the conditioned following of the i-thought as the procession of the outward movement of attention. I am this and I am that substantiates location as time and space, now and then, here and there, and the imagined separation and isolation of me and you, us and them is the extemporaneous projection known as the world. This i-thought is itself universal, ancient, and merely interpreted as personal by means of attachment. The unfolding of this i-thought attachment is the Grace of the radiant purification of the transpersonal fire of Love, which illumines that which is longing, and consumes that which is not Love. Whether gradually as the fuse of practice, or the immediacy of the spark, the collapse of the nexus into and as the Flame Of Silence consumes all position, as attention falls unto itself, returns to Source, to and as Heart, as Grace, and this is the Lover and the Beloved as One. That which appears to arise is ever present, and neither phenomenal nor effect, as cause and effect disappear with the determined one who determines, and that which simply is, is immanent. The perfume of the rose is not given by the rose, the perfume is not separate, as the sweetness of honey, the wetness of water, all simply inherent as One. 

The very nature of suffering is its own survival. This is the great understanding. Suffering itself is often maintained by the mistaken notion of its reward. A belief is hidden, served, and protected, that to surrender suffering, is to give up the game, the very game by which one is rewarded. The delusion is deeply rooted, and yet this very delusion is uprooted by means of the freeing of the apparent suffering character and identity, and this is the true reward one is unknowingly seeking. There is no profit in suffering but to the ego, which by the illusion of this profit seeking is surviving, when in truth, is the serving of the demise of clarity, wholeness, well-being, and life.

The belief of the safety of the false refuge built on abandonment is outgrown like an old coat, and the attachment to the notion is the root of separation which maintains longing and suffering. When the story no longer serves one, one serves the story. Serving the story is suffering. The invitation is ever present as the longing to come to rest as That which is. The effort to maintain the story softens to the invitation as the welcoming, and the Grace of receiving as openness is to enter the heart. The identification with the ghost of the apparent inner dialogue comes to rest, and as mind dissolves into the heart, there is but Heart. Here there is silence. A taste is a scratch of the painted window which allows the light to enter, reveals the Being which now appears separate and isolated from the point of view of the limiting confines of the safety of the refuge. The taste is but to remember. And yet, all of the play is but a concession, for there can be no forgetting and no remembering but in the dream. It is to awaken from the finite dream of separation to the infinite. The veil of the safety of the false refuge is lifted. As self abandons self, so too will the outgrown old coat be abandoned, that the heart may be unbound as Heart. One is longing to come to rest as That which one already and always is.

Spontaneously, as an apparent non-moment, the foundation of time itself is realized to be imagined, a conceptual superimposition of and by the body-mind, and without noticing, it disappears, vanishes. The relationship to time has been as time, and as this dissolves, there is simply being present as the natural state, the stateless-state. Samadhi. Only the play of the appearance of the variations of light and dark remain, and there is no separation between night and day, as this is also the relative superimposition of the body-mind. As this, arises the clarity of the notion of a so-called beginning and end, which is imagined, conceptual. As there is no time, no beginning and end, there is no birth, no death. The body-mind play alone is determined by this, and all tendencies of the survival of the i-thought and identification arise of and as this.

Do not get lost looking for what is always here. Do not get lost looking for who and what you are. There is no map. Get out of books, get out of figuring out, get out of trying to understand. Spend the day with someone who is old. Spend the day holding a wounded bird. Spend the day lying at the base of a tree. Spend the day receiving with the heart not the mind. Spend the day fully open and receiving. Spend the day getting out of your own way. Stop running from what you are seeking and using spirituality as an excuse. Come to a full stop. Spend the day in the beauty of the bittersweet taste of Being. Just be still. Just be silent. Just let Seeing happen. Just let Knowing happen. Just let Love happen. Just let this arising happen. It always has been so. Just realize This.

The bittersweet beauty which arises is Divine Love, and the tears that flow from the heart, which can not contain them, is the River of Grace. A 'me' that misses is seeking separation, that the notion of Love being removed or not present is simply to forget, that the remembering and the apparent return is to recognize nothing is removed, or separate. There is no getting or losing. And so the remembering is this bittersweet beauty, where patterns and stories dissolve to make more space, more room, for the Divine Love, which is all there ever was, ever is. And this is to taste that which IS, by the knowing of that which comes and goes, and that the one who knows this, does not come and go, is always, and all-ways HERE.

You are neither the cause nor effect. You are not a slave to perceived events, actions, or circumstances. Happening happens. All worries are determined by the unknown, the notion of future, and appear to originate from the illusory perception of the past, and between these two imagined polarities, is the assumed location and position as the identity of self believed to be at center. Here, doing arises as a felt experience only, as forgetting, a reminder of forgetting pointing to the apparent distance or separation with Heart. When the habit of distraction is no longer served, there is but Heart. The distraction from the Knowing of what IS, which is the Heart, which has no location, is unlimited, is timeless. Find where the Heart arises and you will find yourself, which is Self.

That which is called meditation is ever present. There is no 'going into' or 'getting out of' meditation. There is no apparent gap. As Consciousness and prana are united in the urgency of the one-pointed desire, there is but the purity of and as Radiance. Meditation is the natural state of a Jnana. There is no time, no meditator. The sun has no night. This is to be alight and shine. The seeing is always as Source, not from self, Presence is spontaneously present and remains fixed as Self.

How deep is the well of the potential for the bittersweet taste of helplessness, to fully surrender any notion of doer or doing, to receive fully, by means of the recognition that the willingness is greater than protection, as the willingness is the Grace that simply is, all that ever is.

All attention rests on the mind. All there is, is mind. The expanded mind settles, and dissolves into the heart. All attention rests on the heart. All there is, is heart. The expanded heart grows larger than the self, and the self dissolves. No mind, no heart, no self. One does not DO meditation. One IS meditation. There is no meditator.