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Sri Ramana Maharshi Birth-Day

To honor this day is but the rememberance as That which is ever present, timeless and without beginning or end, and this is Beloved Sage Ramana. This date, this day of Mahasamadhi, the apparent leaving the body, is to also honor the birth as this form, yet this direct recognition is free of birth and death. Any and every so-called rememberance is but His Grace, and is That which is ever present. Beloved Bhagavan directly appeared in this Samana life soon after taking this body-form, and has done so repeatedly, and yet is ever present and remains as the Silence itSelf. For He is the Self, Abiding in and AS Heart, Self-radiant, Self-evident. He who points to the Heart is Heart. Pure Love is Divine Communion, and this is the invitation and the welcoming, this is Gurus Grace, neither inside nor outside any apparent view, always and all-ways serving and as service, as Truth, as Love, as the Love of Truth. This body is yours, free of name, free of position, as homage to the Supreme, Divine Transcendant, Absolute, nondual Reality, homage to the One beyond all concepts of Reality. "They say I am dying, but I am not leaving. Where could I go? I AM Here" - Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanayam - Om Arunachala ~ Samana

Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.
— Ramana
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