Satsang at Woodhaven
Transcript Oct. 28 2017

Namaste - Dear Ones. It is so beautiful that we meet. This is the whole work right here, is this simplicity, is this sitting. This is the fullest, and full recognition of Heart. There is the felt-sense of each one of you as mySelf. It is pure. It is this true surrender which arises in these apparent levels and stages of surrender of what is not true. It is to surrender the condition. 

Often sharing is never about linear time, but we speak to it as a tool, it's useful. We have to meet at this time and we can be here at this time, and there's some co-ordinating and coordinates in that, that facilitates this in a linear way that we can congregate, commune. And so, in a recognition of this linear gathering this linear assembling - if we were to proceed from this and at this linear condition, we can recognize it's in crisis. Undoubtedly so. Subtly, internally, externally, expansively, this driving outward condition, imposing, impelling, longing, determining and self-sustaining by its own hypnosis. And the contraction finds methods and practices and learns skills and techniques, all as a means to maintain itself, with the notion of freedom. And how many steps in the other direction, in a linear sense, is the Truth, or freedom from all that outward tendency of momentum and momentum of tendency? 

The nature of this contraction is obsession, dietary and entertainment wise and whatever it can claim to manage itself. And we see the symptoms and the expressions of this and we recognize it from our own tendencies because these tendencies are universal. When we see suffering we’re seeing ourself, when we see contraction we're recognizing ourself. So where is Grace?

So the question may come that if the world is seen through for what it is then, why do we speak to suffering, why do we speak to serving or contraction itself? 

Have shared about this many times, spoken to this many times. The answer is already recognized with all of you. But in truth too the work continues, whether there is bliss, bliss may come as contraction, bliss may be liked, bliss may be disliked. This endless interpretation that gets unwound, this identifying with whatever arises, is unlimited in scope. So from a linear point of view we can use the word evolution - although that's something rarely used, it is in fact seen through, but if we speak to contraction and we speak to condition we can speak to evolution because it is true that there are apparent stages and levels of evolution in this transformative process. 

Where is the recognition of the body? Where is the recognition of the body-mind? What is the nature of multiplicity, what is the relationship to mind? Where are the tendencies of liking and disliking? Yes and no, okay not okay. How full is receiving? We could say all there is is listening, that's it.

This body-mind is a receiver that wants control and wants to superimpose itself on everything and establishes its own contraction that it seeks to liberate, this is the madness of the knot. So in these apparent stages there is tastes and glimpses and felt-sense. As the condition weakens by means of Awareness that the gap diminishes and is seen for what it is, that there is no gap. All the efforting, all the efforting around the egoic survival which is the program that is the dominant channel in this hypnosis, in this world-dream, finding its way to negotiate with everything and every apparent separate other, negotiating and negotiating, looking for happiness outside, looking for happiness in something, looking for happiness in objects, maintaining this separate subject self with no pause as to what is seeing, with no pause as to the nature of seeing, driven by reflection and seeking a cure for its program. 

And so, there can be the spoken word and clearly - as all of you are very aware, at that this apparent point, that so much of the talk that's available is entertainment, and what isn't entertainment mind wants to be entertainment. It doesn't discriminate, it's seeking entertainment. 

Contraction is the familiar. And so all the managing with all the apparent senses, dietarily, food-wise, images-wise, sound-wise, all of it aspects of negotiation. It's truly remarkable to consider the complexity of this multiplied by 8 billion, 8 billion what? Individual separate self-contracting self-negotiating mind-bodies. This is the crisis we face, and it's our own. 

The mind knows multiplicity and if there's no investigation as to what this mind is and this imagined serving of it, this imagined serving as thought, where does it lead? 

That which is always present is free of this negotiation. There is no desire in it. How do we speak to this? How do we speak to this humbly enough, who speaks to this, what knows this, who is it that surrenders? 

We use these words as part of that meeting this negotiation, we use these words Heart - God - Self - Consciousness. That which is ever present free of negotiating. So with these apparent stages there is indeed a complete transformation that's invited, it doesn't rest with happiness, it doesn't rest with anything that can be interpreted. The body-mind goes through a complete transformation as its transcendent and surrender unfolds. 

It's easy to get caught in the story of conditioning, there's a gravity in it - or so it appears. It's just the gravity of desire because there's really only One True Gravity, there's really only one true desire which is the desire that consumes all other desires. So what is invited is the freeing of strategies, that the mind can return to Heart. Mind is transient, what is there to figure out? 

And so the nature of this sharing and how we meet is so integral into the very nature of this, it is the nature of this that is the teaching itSelf. There need not be speaking, there need not be pointing - certainly no pull to instruction or practice. For those that need reminding about the subtle and the not subtle, there can be useful sharings in that, to remain aware as Awareness. There is but This as reminder. 

Love itSelf unfolds It All - whatever arises, whatever is interpreted, wherever there appears to be contraction, this imagined absence of Love when you are That. 

That which is surrender is never ending. What the egoic sense - the notion of egoic self doesn’t wants to hear, is that this very arising serves its sacrifice. This is the Holy Burning. This is the totality of crisis being met - in each as each, you are free of all that, and yet it arise. And the nature of this is such that the subtler and subtler tendencies arises. For every taste and for every glimpse there is more welcoming. And so, we meet as Love. And this nature of Satsang, in this nature of sitting, and what is in this Transmission, this sharing, this knowing of Heart, is to know AS Heart. 

This is your Divine Condition, beginningless, endless, free of birth, free of death, Eternal and unbound. These are not concepts, these are not beliefs. This is to investigate this apparent dilemma, this apparent crisis, this apparent nature of contraction, it is about who am i. 

That which is, is Self-evident, pristine, prior to mind, radiant. Mind itself arises of Heart. You are That which remains prior to all conditions. It is only a subject in that moment of identification, of separation, when there is only the Pure Subject. 

And so there is this recognition of this linear, this linear time, this apparent stage that the concept of evolution can be utilized in recognition of this appearance. And you, yourselves know and are aware that there are those that appear to be at different stages of unfolding of awakening and yes, it is true that it is all just the Lila - exactly as it is, and yet there are these assemblings, these gatherings to speak to apparent stages, this is Self-recognition, this is living AS Truth. 

This life, this apparent life, is not about any of these distractions and entertainments spoken of, this is the amalgamam, this is the ongoing liberation for the benefit of - not the ego, not the self, this is the One unfolding, this is for the benefit of all arisings as we peer at this crisis that we perceive, and this tendency of momentum and this momentum of tendency, how to free the cycle? How to free the condition? How to disengage this hypnosis that is by nature self-destructive? 

You see it seeks its own destructiveness through its tendencies but it is not the sacrifice, so it's self-harm is but a means to avoid its demise, and there's no love in that, because there is the belief in some means of the absence of That which it is already. 

It forgets that happiness is not external and so the multiplicity of the world arises. None of this you have not heard before, all of This is already present. This is nothing but Unconditional Love. And so we recognize silence, like the single note that is the foundation for an entire composition that's always present, it's this abiding as Self, as you are never not That. 

One cannot make a better dream. This is the dream that wants to make a better dream. What is present to this Beingness, That I AM.

There's many sharings, there's many of those that share - what arises here, is that This is the Holy Work. If one were to study all the root scriptures they all say the same thing, they're all non-dual, they are all One without a second. There is but One without a second. Is there something to fix? Is there something to correct? Is there something to manage? Is there any doing required, or is there another story to replace another story?

Free of an i-thought there is but Love, and yes, of course Love is a word. And so yes, there is Devotion and so yes, there is surrender and so yes, there is knowledge. Everything gets utilized, without choice, it's Self-evident. 

From whatever level we speak to, there is a moral imperative. There is a condition, there is a crisis, and we meet what arises AS what arises, welcoming the invitation. 

This body-mind transforms completely, and One is always in service to That,...and That is That. Indeed it is so.