every leaf © Samana


"Every leaf is a page of the Sacred Book which you are,

as that which you embody and of which you arise, and

of which there is no beginning or end.

Every aspect of the fullness is imprinted with the totality."


That which is seeing can not be found anywhere because it is everywhere

Stillness is the language Oneness speaks everything else is a bad translation.

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So long as you dwell in the notion of inside outside, you will continue to wander lost to your own wanderings, and continue to lay claim to victory in the passing of notions found in the appearance of attainment and loss. One can not worship from afar as this is the illusion of second of which there is but One. To willingly enter the path is an assumption of position, as one is the path which is pathless, yet to enter the two must see as one, seer and seen, as Seeing alone is, and the one who would wander is thus left behind as this one never was.

For lo, I Am all that can be seen and the seeing, I Am all that can be heard and the hearing, I Am all that can be known as the Knowing, for I Am prior to the body, mind, and senses, and the body, mind, and senses, One without a second, without beginning or end.

Wherever one looks is Self, and it is Self that is looking. Whatever one sees is Self, and it is Self that is the Seeing.


The notion of surrender is made a subtle object, however it is the nature of experience one seeks or desires. The apparent gap 'between' subject and object. The desire dissolves with the experience, and the experiencer dissolves as surrender. Remove the object of love and love remains. There is no 'between'.

Beliefs only believe beliefs.


There is only Love,

What do you see?

Only Love is Seeing


Love is not a verb. One is embraced in the garland and as the garland itself. To surrender the notion of separation dissolves the object. To ‘extend’ love, is to believe one is the doer of love. In this there is no freedom. If there is no freedom, there will be searching, if there is searching, there will be longing, if there is longing there will be no happiness. Longing is the belief love is somewhere other, either as location, or in the illusion of future. The abstraction of time and space is made manifest to maintain the search for what one is. Always eternally looking as the eternal. One is already That which one seeks. Love simply IS, one IS love.

"All that is, is Self

and Self alone is"


Any trace or shadow of doubt is consumed by the Flame Of Silence which is Heart, and the apparent doer vanishes as the two merge as the one without a second.

The story can not hide or escape into Presence
Presence is the light that invites the story to Truth.

When everything disappears, there you are.

Being love is the end of separation.

This Knowing is Self, as Self alone is the Knower. Thought is a label, senses are form and body, Knowing is Reality, reality is Self. All arises as Knowing. Emptiness is the witness of experience, illumined as the Flame of Silence. One is neither the knower or the known. One is knowingly the illumined silence of Knowing as Self


One seeks to make anything that brings happiness last forever,
when it is only that which lasts forever that brings happiness

To see from the heart, not the mind, unhooks the story and all that follows through that filter.

That which is aware
of that which comes and goes
does not come and go.

The journey is not about becoming something
The journey is about unbecoming what one is not

Dear one, it can be so simple when the mind is untouched, not involved, and sensation can simply arise as invitation, welcomed, without a label, interpretation, or story, and the mind can disappear, through this apparent doorway, dissolving into and as the heart of silence. One falls into what arises, this invitation, this welcoming, and this is the beauty. And this heart of silence can simply be, without a label, interpretation, or story, as no mind is present to do so, there is no judge, no critic, no doer, and the witness itself dissolves. This heart has no limits or bounds, is not determined by the body. The body arises of this. The notion of self arises of this. And as one is not the body, this heart is Presence. When the mind disappears, where is self? All that is, is this heart of silence, and you are That.


If you are searching for the truth,
have you searched for the searcher? 

If you are searching for the searcher,
have you searched for the heart? 

If you are searching for the heart,
have you surrendered the search?



Every transaction is an agreement which substantiates the illusion of certainty.

The river never stops eroding the bank.  The river and the bank are one.


A moment of arrival holds the realization of boundless non-location. Every moment is eternal. -Samana

Nothing stops with or at the apparent seeker or seeking
As this one is simply an instrument of Radiance
And remains in and as service to Truth
What appears to begin as surrender ends with surrender
And as Truth there is neither beginning nor end

All cathartic symptoms and reactions which arise of the psychosomatic body and the mind are the purifying of that which is not in service to the Truth and is consumed by and as the Flame Of Silence


A conceptual understanding can not hold up to Heart, and as the Grace of surrender, every notion dissolves, and all that remains, is what remains, which is all that ever IS. Only Heart is the Knowing of appearances, as mind itself is an appearance. Surrender is the union of Bhakti and Jnana. You are not the knower of the known, there is nothing to figure out, solve, and spirituality is not a science. There is but Knowing. All Knowing arises of and as Heart, as Heart is Self. -Samana


One returns to the search for the well of the oasis over and over as the thirst emerges from the sands of the mirage. And if a well is found, the vessel by which to collect the sacred waters, the aqua vitae, appears to be missing or absent. This is the Grace of remembering as the dive within, the invitation, surrender, as one is both the vessel and the well, and the eternal spring flows without beginning or end. The invitation and the welcoming are one.  -Samana

Radiant centerless, illumined absence, release the object of reflection and mind is free, embraced in and as the garland.


One can get stuck in the honey as much as the mud. What a remarkable self-adjusting mechanism of attachment and identification ego is. The mud can also appear sweet, and the honey can be as mud. Only the notion of i has preferences. When the notions cease, and the clinging is relaxed, suffering comes to rest. Neither here or there. All that remains is all that is, Presence, and one is That.

A moment appears that Love may be recognized. In every apparent moment to moment Love appears that one may be attracted. As one is attracted, one becomes transformed, and as one becomes transformed, one is sacrificed. It is this sacrifice one seeks. One can not receive without giving, and two can not occupy the same moment without being One. Union is the end of separation. Union is Love. Love is the moment.

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We are conditioned

To individuality

Yet it is not the individual

Which wakes up

The One wakes up

From the individual

When the One

Recognizes itSelf

No matter the apparent season, nectar is everywhere. The ever present immortality. The vibrant entirety. All arises by and as the medium of nectar. The sweetness by means of Grace, as That which satisfies hunger and thirst, as That which permeates the heart, as That which is Heart. Who is it that tastes this nectar? It is the nectar itSelf.

As there is but one without a second, only seeing remains.

Truth resides not in or with the heart, but AS the Heart.

Everything is in service to and as Truth, and this is Grace.

That which pierces the heart is Heart.

Wherever you may appear to go, here, there, around this apparent world, you have never gone anywhere, as you are everywhere. There is no here, no there, no distance to Self, distance is itself imagined. Always remain as you are, as Self.


One is the stream, flowing of the elements, the garment of essence. 


The heart weeps for no reason other than unconditional gratitude and Grace. As the heart expands, the notion of self dissolves as surrender. Mother and child are one, held as the embrace of Presence. Selfless and eternal. This is as it is, for all as One. The resistance to what is, is a means of contraction into the notion of self. To surrender the resistance to what is, is the path home. Everything is always alright, all-right. All IS.

There is no duality, no nonduality. I AM the Knowing of This, I AM the Knowing as This, and I AM This.


The only place a thought can not rest is in the now, nor can it describe it. Thought can not speak the truth of experience, the now.

To live in the taste is to live as the taste. To live as the taste is complete acceptance of what is. To have complete acceptance of what is, is to disidentify with illusion. To disidentify with illusion is to live in the taste.

All imagined obstacles arise of the hypnosis of conditioning, and dissolve in and as the light of pure Knowing, the Flame of Silence.

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Follow the i-thought To Source

Truth awaits as Silence as Source recognizes itSelf

It is the heart alone that speaks, as any notion of expression is scattered as leaves in the wind, and I AM, the leaves and the wind. As This, All Is.

Inquiry and surrender are not two opposing or contradictory means. Not only are they complementary, free of any notion of contradiction but they are not separate, as they are One. A bird can not fly with one wing.

Inquiry is neither avoidance or escape, but the fullness of welcoming as receiving. This is to be fully present with and as what arises, to fully dive into whatever is pulling the attention, free of the habits of distraction. Conditioning is itself the imagined movement away from, which establishes and maintains the imaginary self. Inquiry and surrender are one, and as such, every apparent gap and their labels dissolve as Grace. That which is revealed is that which is Self-evident, Self. The invitation and the welcoming are One.


The way of true renunciation, is the way of Heart. It is not about self doing for self in a material way. True renunciation arises of the taste, because once one has the taste, one loses their taste for what is not real, and what is not true. This is the nature of unfolding.

There are no traps in freedom, but the looking for it.
Hold nothing, Be everything.

The joy arises spontaneously as lightness with the falling away of the weight of imagined obstacles, and this is Grace.


The self-possesssion which is called seeking, and the subsequent romance with the seeker identity is unavailable to the Grace which is seeking you. The apparent question and answer remain separate. Seeking suits the self-conditions known as unworthiness, failure, and the belief that love is somewhere other, yet the activity you have labelled 'spiritual' is adequate entertainment to support the imaginary position, and qualify the identity of self-possession. Do not desire or summon the Master or Sage, the Truth, God, if you are unwilling or unavailable to surrender the very notion of i. Simply live the life and surrender reactivity and resistance, and seeking will cease. Your notion of seeking is of imagined time and space, bound to the notion of future. This seeking is mind, and this mind seeks liberation. True Love is to disappear. Investigate as to the very nature and Source of this seeking, and surrender to the Grace which is seeking you. You are not the seeker, you are the sought.

When you love ‘someone’, you are loving everyone, and this may not fare well to the one who has preferences, the one of good and bad, right and wrong, yes and no, but all those preferences and beliefs of separation are as imagined as the one with preferences.

What one is seeking is that which does not come and go.

Every healing act is by nature spontaneous, unconditional, universal, and impersonal, is the Self. There is no self at center, and one is not the doer. To heal one is to heal all, as the healing act is unbounded and all inclusive. There are no divisions or separation in or as Nature. This recognition of the healing action is the true recognition of That which is without beginning or end, seamless, unlimited, flow.


There is but the humble surrendering to the invitation, that the welcoming may be served. Humbling is the erosion of the veil, and this is Grace. That one may reside in and as the one true abode, heart, and realize, there is but Heart, timeless, unlimited, unbound, unconditioned, Self, and one arises of and as That. The invitation and the welcoming are one.
— Samana

One may love an object, one may see beauty in an object, but when the object is removed, love and beauty remain.

The invitation is ever present. As the welcoming meets the invitation, this is to dissolve the apparent gap, of longing, of seeking, of closeness as intimacy, that the invitation and the welcoming are One.
The doer superimposes everything to assert itself, 
and yet the doer itself is superimposed.

The garden is simply and freely watered without any knowing who will drink. There is no attachment to desire for outcome, as there is no doer, there is no other, there is no separation or notion of subject / object. The watering itSelf is Grace, and all is the Divine Will of the Pure Subject, Self. To live in the taste is to live as the taste. To disappear as the cloud of unknowing is to surrender the notion of i as doer as Divine Will. Every breath is devotion. Any subtle notion of i is but to disappear. To live from heart, is to live as Heart, as falling in love without object, without purpose, is to disappear as Divine Grace, over and over again.


The totality of all explanation is silence

In suffering you are consumed as love

Disappearance is never practical

That which you long for longs for you

The winds came and scattered me as i am made of sand.

It remembers what it has forgotten, that it never went anywhere.
And so there is no leaving, but for the dream,
for that which it is it can not return to, as This it never left.


The Flame of Silence casts no shadow and even a gentle breeze is absent

as the stillness settles where illusion stood. 

You Are The Truth © Samana