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Every apparent object refers to Consciousness,
yet Consciousness refers only to itSelf


The notion of i arises with every thought believed, and the i thought is a belief


All apparent actions are not your own. The seed and root remain in the fruit. You are not in life, you are life


That which IS lives you as That alone IS


Love can only refer to That which can not be contained, has no beginning or end, and one arises of and as That



That which is reading this,
and That which wrote this,
are One at no distance


Everything is in service to and as Truth, and this is Grace


The secret is whispered in silence, as all is revealed as silence

Return to silence and bring nothing with you


One arrives precisely where one has always been, having never been or gone anywhere

and this is Grace


The candle is lit by the sage, the flame dissolves the candle, and only light remains.


Want and need invite lack by means of reflection, humility is the means by which absence is Presence illumined as One


The Heart is the temple to which the i thought returns as pure devotion and


To the one who sees God in everything, is this seer included? As there is but One
without a second,
only Seeing remains



There is no duality, no nonduality. I AM the Knowing of This, the Knowing as This and I AM This


You will never find heaven, but the sage will find you.


All that remains is all that ever is


True healing is not self-generated, but rather is regenerated and universal
This is the way of and AS Light



Satsang is simply a reflection of and as That Which Is, unconditional, unlimited, unbound, and eternal



Not that which is the apparent knower or the known, but Knowing is itSelf Eternal, Self-evident, Immanent



All that is perceived, including the perceiver is Light immanent, undivided, Self-radiant, Self-evident


Seeking personal solutions by means of conditional forms is the fundamental knot


Most are not aware that sacrifice and sacred are the same


As the knower and the known are one as Knowing, Knowing itself is unknowable, as that which the eye has never seen


When the veil is lifted there is but compassion and serving as the lifting of the veil of other,
and this is Grace


All Brilliance Ever Shining, Source of and as all reflection, Heart, Self, like the sun, has no night, and one is That


Light is free of the shadow of the object which reveals the luminous direct - experience free of an experiencer


i am the bird
at the window,
nothing more


Knowing what is within, is Knowing what is without, this is the end of either / or, the Presence as both / and


Every effort to escape is the perfection of the trap

One can only speak of who they are not
When nothing remains, this is who you are

Surrender any notion of finality or goal
and every apparent moment is surrender


To move from that which passes to that which does not pass is no movement at all. There is no to or from


The one who remains in silence is drawn to the flame
the one who abides as silence is the flame


Coincidence is of the mind, causality of the body
As a bird lands on ripe fruit the fruit is dislodged,
and This is Grace


When one removes the i from Savior it is Savor. Savor is the taste, and the taste tastes itSelf


The liberating impulse is uncaused and offers no understanding through the prism of experience



Lean into what arises as the invitation
and receive everything fully as the welcoming


The radical embracing of all strategies is the Holy Burning

which dissolves the crystalline-self


He did not die on a cross, he died before he died in and AS service to and AS Truth
This is the way of and AS Light


To see things as they are one must realize the nature of Seeing, and as such, there is no-thing


Coincidence is of the mind, causality of the body As a bird lands on ripe fruit the fruit is dislodged, and This is Grace


As self is emptied of self it is no longer the eye which see


All apparent conditions are but modifications of One Divine Condition


AS is the collapse of apparent distance and the notions 'of' and 'with' as position and presumptive point of view


The Brilliance that is Light is the one seamless and unbroken continuity through all apparent states



Emptiness and form are neither becoming nor non-becoming as their nature is Light


If one is healed,
all are more healed,
if one is awake,
all are more awake.
This is the seamless selfless nature of serving


All concepts seek to stabilize and position an imaginary central character in the play on the stage of illusion


Immerse in and as the radiance of Heart, source of all illumination neither seer nor seen, this is the Divine condition


Heart is the abode of the garland and embrace,
transcendent and immanent, as union


The eye which is no longer determined by this or that, as it sees light is the Light itSelf, as Seeing is The Light


self-transcendence is the medium of transformation.
The apparent artist 'becomes' the art.
As truth there is no artist


There is nothing to negate but the negator which seeks a better dream by negating Truth


Whole, Holy, Heal, are the same root Source
and this is what arises here as sharing


The Flame Of Silence is not concealed and is ever present that it may serve to illumine and reveal


It is precisely the unseen that determines the seen
yet the unseen is un-determined


 No hand is big enough to write This
No mouth is big enough to say This


In and as each of you there is only Seeing of and as myself, Beloved Self


To turn upon or be turned upon is not a practice
but rather Self-established and Self-immanent


Presumptions and assumptions are the architecture of illusion. The invitation invites curiosity about resistance.


one can only speak of
who they are not

when nothing remains

this is who you are