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"Satsang is the reflection of the mind directed to Source. Satsang is association with, and as Truth, as Holy association, in the Holy company of, and as Self. This is not to imagine or project, this is Home. This is to close the apparent gap as meeting, with other, with your Self, as Self, beyond name and form, time and space. Home is Heart, Heart is the Eternal Abode, and Self is Heart." ~ Sri Samana

Satsang is the invitation to come to rest, to close the apparent gap of imagined distance, to be present to and as what is, to inquire as to the nature of experience and the experience of nature, free of the notion of appearances and objects. To be aware as Awareness, to see that which is seeing, to know True Nature as that which does not come and go, as one is That. Satsang is the Love of Truth, and the Truth of Love. The invitation is ever present.
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti - All Love

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Namaste - I want to share some words with you. The flame, for which we all are searching for, comes unexpected. She doesn´t move slowly forward to you from a point in the distance. There is no coming closer to the flame over the time, just by searching, understanding and the feeling of soon getting IT. It comes without any notice of it before. Samana is the flame itself in bodyform. Please just listen to his words with an open heart, let them drop into it and carry them with you 24/7.  Please live his words 24/7 with an open heart and without any struggling or effort in this. Nothing more is needed. Much love - N. Germany

"There is but the humble surrendering to the invitation, that the welcoming may be served. Humbling is the erosion of the veil, and this is Grace. That one may reside in and as the one true abode, heart, and realize, there is but Heart, timeless, unlimited, unbound, unconditioned, Self, and one arises of and as That. The invitation and the welcoming are one." ~ Sri Samana