One-to-One Satsang

Samana Satsang at Woodhaven

There is such a natural and beautiful invitation to share, to meet. Let us simply
come together as silence. For in and as this silence, we are not, and all
that is to be shared arises of its own, the love, the beauty, which is ever present
as this silence, the ground of all experience and doing. So let us simply sit,
as One, in and as silence, as this arising.

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One-to-One Satsang is an invitation to deepen inquiry and to rest in Presence.
This is an invitation to come home, to be present to and as the nature of direct experience,
that all the questions may come to rest.

Beloved Dear Ones

To all who meet One-to-One or in Open Satsang;
Though there is but reflection
Know that you are all-ways present
As that which appears as me is you and you as me
Arising as this great transparency
And this is Omniscient Omnipresent Self.
All your joy and suffering is here
Flowing as this Knowing Grace
And there is Limitless Gratitude and Unconditional Love
For each and every one of you
May there be Peace and Radiant Divine Love
As the recognition of the One Heart we meet in and As
And may the mind dissolve into this Heart as Silence

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
All Love