Letters to Sri Samana


Dear, dear Samana, I heard once that the world is never without those who live, speak, and point us to the Truth. I am so blessed that I can witness for that, with the fact of you entering my life, and I am so happy, grateful and blessed with that. You are pointing me to that 'place' in which all differences disappear and all there is, is Oneness, beautiful, warm, overwhelming Oneness. "Grace that holds everything" as you said, "All is One", my story, my avoidance, acceptance, resisting, enlightenment, un-enlightenment, awakening, no-awakening. There is nothing but One and that is bringing joyful tears to my eyes, and there is Love underneath everything. "When healing is selfless, it is true healing"- thank you for this, Thank you. Grace will run its course like always and I am committing myself to her gentle hands. Let it be what should be and when it should be. Sometimes when Truth is not able to see itself clearly, she needs a gentle hand to lead her to the other side of the river, river of fears, uncertainty, doubts and ignorance. Hand of Truth guiding Truth to the Truth. I am leading I am to I am. Like a drowning man reaching with his hand for the straw, I found a firm hand of certainty, love and knowledge. I won`t be drowned in muddy waters of ignorance. I will be pulled out to the gentle shores of my true Being. Thank you dear Samana, thank you for everything.  - M. Croatia

Namaste, I want to share some words with you. The flame, for which we all are searching for, comes unexpected. She doesn´t move slowly forward to you from a point in the distance. There is no coming closer to the flame over the time, just by searching, understanding and the feeling of soon getting IT. It comes without any notice of it before. Samana is the flame itself in bodyform. Please just listen to his words with an open heart, let them drop into it and carry them with you 24/7. Please live his words 24/7 with an open heart and without any struggling or effort in this. Nothing more is needed. Much love - N. Germany

Salutations to the Guru who opened our spiritual eyes by his eyes of wisdom (spiritual eye) which were closed from our darkness of ignorance. Only through God's Grace one can be blessed with a teacher, Only through God's Grace one can be healed, Only through God's Grace there is remedy for heart, More than father, mother or brother, more than a friend or lover, One Love as all loves, Embodiment of Grace, Embodiment of Love, Embodiment of Salvation, Safe refuge and warm home. Through God's Grace I found home, a place to be, to  sit and rest. In my teachers body God lives and by God's Grace I am also in that house, warmed with Love and Understanding, and in that house I am finding only myself...

Dear Samana, Fire that's burning in Heart consumes everything and it is known to so few. Thank you for letting me burn, Thank you for adding more to that torch, Thank you for burning with me, as me, as One..One fire for all, One fire as all..

Thank you..


Dear, dear Samana!! For how many of my pains you have been remedy? For how many my question you have been answer? For how many my  discomforts you have been relaxation and ease? This words are here just to remind you how willingly and lovingly  you carry that heavy burden of wide open heart in which I as many others, bathe and enjoy...Blessed be all who are touched in that way by God's Grace. Many will never be so  fortunate..

Greetings Dear Teacher
You are helping so many. You can see what we seem to have forgotten, but what has never been lost. Thank you. -NY

It is difficult to explain what a session with Samana was, or was like. He speaks to many levels of suffering, of challenges, while always pointing to truth, to essence. He also can see exactly where the suffering or challenge is rooted. The session began, not with a spiritual question or inquiry, or so i thought. It began with seeking his counsel about a health issue. In less than an hour, the entire complex and root beliefs that were not only contributing to this health issue, but supporting it, were clearly visible, as if they were on a screen. As he continued, he carefully walked me directly out of my story so that I was now clearly aware that, as he said, "the attention is on the content, not the one identified with and by the content." Now I was the screen. I had been clearly living in a role, and the entire code of my self was in the 'blind-spot'. As we walked together, the "gap" dissolved as he pointed directly to what is always here. When this happened, the gap was no longer here, and what began as a need to discuss a health issue, this health issue was now seen as a symptom, an expression of the deeper root of suffering. As I said, he speaks to many levels, as he easily moves between these levels, extracting and pointing to what is needed, is like finding pieces of my self lost along the way, and in becoming whole, can walk right out of the story, the story I believed I was, which was the root of suffering. This was like years of therapy in an hour, mixed with years of spiritual counsel and guidance. It is as he says, "an integrated inquiry." Samana is a wise and gifted healer, who has the combined ability to hold all that in an unconditional way, integrating nonduality and healing as wholeness. Samana is like a healer mixed with Nisargadatta, but then, its all healing. - Anonymous

This "serious seeker" with tons of "spiritual knowledge" awoke this day in the suffocating grips of Pain and Fear. Suffering. Of course she knows to"accept" it! Such was the depth and severity of this Pain that all "methods" failed. In the muck and mire, she received Satsang. She was able, inside this Loving Grace, to rest her burdens at His Feet. Thank you Samana, You are The Light in this world.- A. Virginia

Samana Ji, my dear teacher! I thank you so much for being my teacher. You have given me wonderful knowledge, much deep care and love and inspiration for life. You are not only teaching me but giving me a part of your life which I treasure so much forever. Thank you so much for stepping into my life and make it brighten with love, peace and joy. Your genuine teaching, special love and care for others truly touches anyone that is in contact with you, permeates into the world, and has reached many souls. With so much love,  gratitude, and bows to you. - O. Viet Nam

Samana, dear brother, master, sir, none can touch me since you are with me. I admitted the truth about checking on you whether you are realized, or boast about the same, or having egoistic attitude, and have found you free from all. Thank God! Love enhanced all the more my dear brother saint. Wherever you are, stay with me as guide or teacher. You can become my guru when the time comes. Samanaji, please come to India, you are always welcome. On your chosen place near Himalayas, or on the banks of Narmada river(Shiva putri) or any other place you like. My best pranam to you. By the Grace of Almighty as well as your love blessings. Namaste. - C. India

Earlier in the day when I thought about the upcoming Skype, I noticed my Heart was Radiant. That, as "superstitious" as it may sound, is a sign to me. Still I remained skeptical. But immediately after we said our hellos, I couldn't speak, and fell into Dissolution-Bliss, The Heart. That, again, told me something. For you are solidly established in The Heart, and in Humility and Honesty. These are the hallmarks of your spiritual 'stance' in relationship to The Great Mystery. Those are the most priceless of spiritual Gifts, I feel, and endeared you to me. Those qualities are so... very... rare. -C. LA

Samanaji - There are no words that can talk about my teacher. Who you are or what you are is still in my discovery, it is unfolding as I am unfolding. It is often that after being with you, I come into the state of dis-identification or silence. Yesterday, after our talk, this state came. I am that vastness and stillness where life or all forms appear. There is nothing, but only I. It takes me to the deep state of stillness with warm, closeness, love, joy, gratitude and more than words can describe. This is what I experienced when we first talked. It is like a power that opens a block to a pristine fountain of life in me. But I did not know what had been happening until yesterday when things became clearer. The teaching you shared landed on a process of transformation at the right time. At this moment, I can experience these words. In the realm of absolute, there is nobody, but only I. There is nobody there for me to interact with, but only the forms of thoughts, feeling, emotions arise from the I. I recall of the patterns repeated for years. There is the fear to interact with others and the world out there. There is the judgment about the world out there. I now find them all so fragile and can be broken like bubbles. At this point, I think the teaching and learning or connection between you and me is very natural. It is like there are not two persons but only One. To come back to the question 'what one would call the one who takes one Home?' Oneness, I or Self!  With lots of love, Prem. - HT. Asia

Samana, you have acquired knowledge on many subjects and arts such as, healing, Tantra. You possess a lot of knowledge and know many systems. Thank you for your meeting my querry of voidness in I am that. What you spoke to is pure Being, and to settle in it naturally, as a practice of discrimination and detachment (viveka-vairagya) is necessary. Your contention superbly matched that of Nisargadatta Maharaj. Your writings need several readings to grasp the true meaning, as unfolding. No body can understand what one suffers by, but it surely is the grace of God that has moved me towards Him, and you. - A. India

Greetings Dear Samanaji - Often there is an overwhelming sense of gratitude here, for your generous sharing, for your caring, and your infinite commitment, how you take it so seriously to just help and be there for others. I just wanted to give expression to this gratitude. Although words aren’t enough to say. The gratitude ‘arose out of practical things’ like the incredible advice about food, nutrition, ...wholeness – the many, many, many times you have given sound advice for wholeness. And then the ‘spiritual component’ which is not separate. How it all flows together. I am still on mailing lists of other teachers, and there is no ‘pull’ towards any of these any more. This is all to say, I am deeply grateful for your mentorship – for lack of a better term, and this is why I have been writing ‘samanaji.

It seems to me that this whole life is a healing process until that point of realization that there is no need for healing at all because everything is already in perfect health.It seems to me that this whole life is focused on collecting broken pieces of one imaginary perfect mosaic of existence and arranging them, futile, until that point of realization that nothing was ever lost, forgotten or broken... How could this be?

It seems to me that this whole life is just an attempt to catch your own helping hand at Life’s other side. Side of comfort, kindness, wholeness, peace and joy removed from us by an apparent gap. The gap that condemns us on a dreadful search, longing and suffering. And this gap seems to be so broad and deep that even profound awakening can leave that apparent gap intact, and letting searching, longing and suffering to plunge their roots deep again.But That what I am holding, his own hand which I call 'mine', firmly on the 'other' side of That, that has no sides. Reaching hand found helping hand not as two hand of one body but as One hand. Reaching, finding, All One.

No other mouths are needed to pronounce the Truth, no other ears are needed to hear it. Everything is already spoken and already heard. Talking, listening. Teacher, disciple. All One.

Silence of Oneness that is putting all questions to an end. No knowledge that puts all knowledge to an end. No concepts that put all concepts to an end. Nothing to cling to, no firm ground to put feet on. Groundless is firmness, falling is stability.I wanted to be near bells of Truth to be bathed by their sounds but now I know dear Samana that I through 'you' ringing to 'myself', I am the living bell, sound and air through which is moving, I am Truth recognizing Truth. There is no gap and there has never been a gap between God and God.

There was never a gap between bell and his sound. How could there be. There is no bell and no sound. There is only One. Where to escape God? Where to escape One? How to be something less or more than a God? Where to hide, what to search for? You are putting me dear Samana against the wall of my own misconceptions and your pointers are like a firing squad shooting with impeccable precision at ignorance that pulls this mind and body to an old dream of separation.

But pulled where? Where is to be pulled? From One to the One. All inside One. There is no inside and outside no container and contained, no boundary and limitations. I am what I am, no more no less. Timeless Presence. Fully fed AS God’s presence.

Understanding is closing the gap which was never here or there. And your pointers dear Samana are driving nails into the coffin of misconception with ruthless kindness, replacing that which is dead and useless with living light of Love and Knowledge. Death, life, useless, useful, knowledge, ignorance - all One.

When it is clear that there is only and nothing but One, limitless, unbound, un-contained, then it is absolutely obvious that thoughts have only imaginary power to divide That which is indivisible in countless apparent objects. When understanding is settled and when mind glasses of misconception are taken off, only what is left is Oneness from which mind can 'extract' as many objects as he wants. I am giving life to separateness by thought. It is an attempt to tear off from One Reality something that never can be separate, only and always just inevitable One. No gap, no bridge to cross. I am here, I am home.

As you once said dear Samana, “the writings write themselves”. I am giving you my hand dear Samana, and take me further in nowhere. Love


Namaste . This letter is for you, and about you Dear Samana, and about the arising unfolding.

To be in his presence is to see ourselves. Everybody is God presenting Himself for us to meet that from what we are running from. Each that is in front is the mere reflection of His Presence, and he knows that he is That. 

And so he sits in silence now open and un-contracted, the one disguised under the character is now embedded. Each movement word or action is all held in the Sacred and so when he speaks he meets (us where we are) what is without the limits of the self projections wanting expectations, and in doing so that what is undoing, is Presence held and the opening arises, and that is feel sense absorbed breath. God always recognized itself, is us who don't, but in this releasing the edges the taste takes place and that change the moment and that change the day, that little moment is all it takes, and have an impact and is that that it matters and that is what we are here for, to help and to be some service for others.

It required practice and discipline and he knows and honors that. To be in his discipline is to taste, to be a disciple (disciple of what ? to free ourselves ) his presence makes our discipline effortless (sometimes:). When all the wanting and desires and suffering of the limited self drops, the only thing that remains is Love.  That always was, always will be, always is. That is Grace, that is God.

And he remains, still here, until we taste it. He is the rock to hide in the rain, to hold in the wind, to cool in the heat, to wash in tears, and he offers himself naked of himself to be the rock to be tossed in the river to dive into the eternal, and take us back incessantly to that of what we forgot, until and only until, we are ready to smile back then as a pebble that the water embraced he flows carry by the ocean of love. Tears flow as the writing is trying to hold all that is, all that you are, that is unfolding in and as Grace.

Even in the no-doing, as you said, there needs to be some curiosity and a willingness to surrender, and today is the total surrender of the me to service. To know the truth who is that is experience, seeing knowing, to discriminate, to be alert and attentive to what is happening.
Love is all, all is love. - L. NY


Samana - Your words, writings, are very thorough. They convey something. A wisdom. I feel their energy. Something about feeling the patterns. I struggle with getting out of my own head and sometimes my own analysis just stimulates more thinking, but you offer suggestions that shift the feeling energy of the space around me. To explore what is inquiry from the perspective of not asking the mind. This is new to me. I have started to notice that moods and perspectives emanate not from within my head or behind my eyes but from the depths of space itself, and that inquiry when done right changes the world into a state of wonder. A huge part of my delusion is the sense of being located as a center inside the body... like some spirit controlling this body or peering out of it and retreating back into it. A center in the head I can hide behind, etc... But when I inquire... not just "who am i"... but "what is awareness" And I realize... I've conceptualized awareness. What is awareness without asking my mind? Without going to concepts? And then things start to change slowly. I start to feel the presence of the world deeper in the body and not just in my head. Feeling. Remembering to check in with all of experience continuously, not just go to the mind, and feeling the entire gestalt of patterns of pain and avoidance that emerge. I have found a new clarity to identify such patterns and the strength to feel their total energy and remain in wonder and awe of their nature, and mine, and the nature of experience, and to sit with and within and as all that arises here without clinging to explanations or judgments of it. Your writing and our meetings have pointed me to this. - J. Seattle

This is not a better webpage, or a means to get new insights, but a 'place’ for being Home, to be as True Nature. The words offered here are like poetry and music, resonating with and bringing life to every cell of ones being. They are a Divine gift of Grace.
Sacred and Divine is deeper than words: Samanaji is a guide, a Teacher, my Teacher, whom I literally owe ‘my life’ – although he does not like me to say that. Appearing as an angel he was indeed key to save my physical life. His guidance and mentorship is to bring the recognition of conscious Presence to being and body. His words and meetings as Satsang are realized ‘at a place’ that is before words, concepts, or ideas. Although I had heard about this before, it is Here where I first encountered infinite wisdom, and where I was first embraced by unconditional love. What is manifest is unlimited, pure energy of Life, True Nature, God, whichever term one might choose. 

It is the vibration and force of the universe, softer than a feather, more mystic than ancient texts, more gentle than sun-rays, deeper than the ocean, and That.
Nothing is excluded – Spirituality is Wholeness and Oneness: This is not about exotic experiences out of the body, or New Age. It is an invitation of Love and Grace to be fully home. It is here where the invitation is to meet fears, tendencies, patterns, and habits. Spirituality is not a temporary retreat that substitutes one dream for another with the practicing of rituals – however exotic they may be, but which are not here and now, what we experience as our daily walk.
An inquiry that is Divine: Grace offers an invitation through investigation and realization, to bring undivided attention to what is Here - those habits and tendencies that seem to shape and controlbehaviors and apparent circumstances. With great gratitude I can say that Samanaji has guided and mentored me through pointed, crystal clear questions to investigate what appears as solid, overwhelming, and challenging. Over and over this would lead to sheer amazement, “I always thought this is such, and that I needed to be or do so and so.” And this seeing is always an utter relief, bringing so much clarity, as peace and joy. Every awakening, from moment to moment, is the freedom from the shackles of the conditioned mind that we have all been identified with. The questions Samanaji is asking to guide students in inquiry, do not originate in a finite, human mind. 

I have found them to be so unique, directed, pointed, that it is clear - this is sacred, holy, Divine, of God, Life, the Universe. This is speaking from and as the direct realization as Oneness.
Specific and unique, and yet universal and for everyone: As with the sacred texts, I have seen that direct, sharp pointers penetrate the illusion of perceived circumstances, conditionings, and beliefs, right at ‘the time when needed’. I have also seen that we are all in the same boat. Habitually, we are all struggling with, and as, the same issues. The words from Samanaji that seemed directed at specific situations in someone's life, I have recognized to be equally divine tools for my own deepest questions and struggles. They are not separate.
Timely: Samanaji’s words and meetings are timeless. Mentoring, guidance, inspiration, flow, is always Now. How often have I thought, “How does Samanaji know about this pressing need that I am currently facing? Or about that agonizing question?” Right then and there the words would be here, like an answer to prayer, divinely orchestrated, anticipating, seeing, and knowing suffering, confusion, hurts, and fears.
No spiritual competition and workout: This is not a place for bridging notions or earning insight. Instead, it’s a natural, honest, genuine, and true recognition and realization of and as Presence, of what is right Here. This is a home for the heart of potential, and the potential of heart. It’s a ‘place’ to awaken, more and more, to and as, True Nature. Right here, right now, unconditionally.

Samanaji is in service to and as the awakened heart of Presence, as Love, as Grace. - SM. Virginia

This is not somewhere to go and receive spiritual teaching. There are numerous other places to go to  where spirituality is intellectualized. Their emphasis is on concepts, notions, and ideas. Here, the invitation is for the words that are shared to sink in as music. They are not meant to be read like a manual. It is to just BE. Those who know what this is pointing to will know this is a place to rest. It’s really like a place-less place to bring people to Source and to remind them that they are Source. - S. Austria

Namaste Dear Samana. My gratitude to you for your generous sharing and offering of insight and compassionate support. Your integrated approach has helped bring much "stability and balance" to the very challenging period following a big awakening. Your speaking to energy, vibration, and especially food and dietary adjustments has been of great help, and yes, "this is not separate" as you said. This is often not spoken about. You are a true yogi. God Bless. - R. New York

Dear Samanaji - As this year is coming to an end I wish to express my gratitude – just saying THANK YOU. It does not take a long time reflecting to realize how blessed I have been this last year. We first met two weeks after a friends passing. I was crying and grieving as I read your words, and really did not want to hear more about spirituality or awakening. It seemed that life had been too frustrating, too disappointing. But there was no requirement for comprehension, or understanding. It was much more ‘down to earth.’ What I had been dividing out and separating (true purpose and practical living), I was not able to divide any more – due to life 'happening'. No matter how hard I had been trying to pursue only the spiritual aspects, there was life. And slowly, this freeing Awareness began to flourish. That it is all ONE. Whole. Just as much a part of allowing to come / be Home as the many conversations we had about asking, finding out, inquiring, what the body needs. This too is Whole, One. I once said I owe 'my life' to you because I didn’t know how to say it any better. Sitting down and learning what the body needs, changing, starting from scratch, is new, scary, and often seems difficult. But suddenly ‘the body begins to talk’ and I have begun to see things that I never thought would be harmful, or disruptive to nature, the body. And also, to be home in the body as the simplicity of Being. I am shocked, and thankful, to have this 'experience', of ‘being in the body.’ Not only in so-called stillness, but simply feeling the body ‘from the inside out,’ feeling as the body. It is True Nature. It isn’t about 'me'. I slowly begin to understand what you mean by this. I am starting from scratch and am thankful for your patience, your guidance, and mentoring. I look at you and I see you broken-open, unconditional love and compassion. Life is you and you are Life. Wisdom is reaching the hurting, those hopeless, those who have come to an end – in other words, a desperate, suffering world. Thank you. - S. Wyoming

I had a session one afternoon with Samana that I found to be extremely helpful, mostly in retrospect, and will explain why. I was a wreck. I'd been ill for several months and was quite run down and discouraged. My thoughts had taken off and I was overwhelmed with prophecies of doom and despair. The session was quite rough. It was difficult for me to hear much at first and I felt quite defensive and afraid. But Samana is patient and compassionate. I am so grateful that he stuck with me through that very difficult time as I was beginning to get quite lost. The worst thing was that I was beginning to lose faith in the ability to heal at all. Since that particular session, I've noticed changes on a rather subtle and everyday level. Those are the kinds of changes that truly matter. I am able to analyze problematic situations with more calm and equanimity. I can go more slowly and figure things out. I panic less. It's easier to accept that things are always in a state of flux, and I am less likely to try to plan out the entirety of my life in the course of an hour, a project which would be doomed to failure from the beginning. It's a wonderful thing to know a great healer and spiritual teacher. Much thanks to you,  Samana.  -P. Michigan

Putting the experience of Satsang into words is impossible. When I first entered the room it was as if I was walking into something. No idea how to put into words. It was the same Something that I ‘felt’ when I first met Samanaji in person. In a way it felt like I would fall over. It was a type of energetic force that almost knocked me off my feet. No, notin an overwhelmed way (in the sense of a heavy force that’s coming upon me). There was a sweetness and lightness to it that perhaps reminds of just pure Love.

I felt great empathy to another person who was speaking, but it was clear that whatever was going on was much beyond my experience. This sharing wasn’t about counseling, although in a way it reminded of it, because the person shared their conflicts, feelings, emotions, and fears. They were looking for something, for help. When suddenly I realized the severity of the situation they were dealing with.

What then began to unfold is difficult to comprehend. Samanaji responded as and with a wisdom that is unfamiliar with an ordinary realm of experience. A deeper insight than people are familiar with or have access to. It soon became clear that Whatever was present would surpass insights, or human wisdom for that matter.

The questions that arose from Samanaji, what he was asking, was clear, direct, and unexpected. Things began to turn. Suddenly it was not about solving a problem 'out there'. Suddenly there was a bigger picture. There was no 'out there', no situation out there that needed to be solved. The ‘situation’ became a mirror, a reflection of what the student had been afraid to see in themselves. What had started out as out there, a family situation that apparently caused anxiety and heartaches, became an invitation. 

There was nothing wrong or ‘bad’ about that other family members' behavior. It was love that made them ‘act’ in a certain way. It was in fact that the perception of this family member, this apparent 'other', was the projection of the perceiver, and the reflection of their own inner and suffering and conflict. It was the separate self. As this, all became a seeing as love. Everything became a reflection. I can’t describe where the switch happened. Suddenly Love was all there was. While the meeting had seemingly started with someone needing help about a family situation, during Satsang everything shifted. Step by seeming step, as everything became a pointer, everything pointed to and as a unified whole, Oneness. There was a complete shift in their responses, they were Home. The gap was closed. There was no 'other'. There was no identification with beliefs or fears. They were Home, where they always were. There was only Love.