Separation, the Path of Suffering, and Nondual Healing

One is not separate from what is perceived as having medicinal or healing properties, seen and believed to be external, outside, somewhere or other. This notion arises of the mistaken belief of the identification with a limited finite separate and isolated self determined by senses, not the unlimited, seamless, infinite unicity present as a 'field' of Consciousness, in which what is perceived to be senses, and the perceiver arises. The belief external, or inside - outside, is itself an idea, a limited thought. As the recognition one is One with all that is, that there is but Oneness, as all arisings and appearances, one is free to draw from the whole to balance the needs of the body when imbalance is present. This is in fact True Nature.

As one is integrated as the 'natural state', the plus and minus of elements can heal or rejuvenate, as well as bring imbalance. The body has it's own intelligence not dependent on mind, and not separate from Awareness. As such, the question is, if one is as True Nature integrated, as homeostasis, from where does imbalance come, what does that serve, and at what point does an internal dialogue hijack sensation to interpret this as suffering, which results in the abandonment or neglect of the body?

A separate self brings disharmony to the body, and disharmony of the body serves as the means to remain identified as a separate self. The body speaks to and seeks its' own need for attention, arising of the body intelligence. To remain in and as mind abandons the body. This imbalance clouds the transparency of clarity. Spirituality has no intention to neglect the body. This is an imagined notion and concept. On the contrary, awakening is both the inward and the outward path. This is true nonduality. The mistaken notion one is to forget the body is misinterpreted, and a source of great confusion, and often poor health. While it is true one is not the body itself, and as this is a useful pointer to the recognition of Self, the abandonment of the body is not an awakened path. Awakening can be of the mind alone, intellectual. Does one have an awakened body, or is Awareness present with and as the body? Ayurveda for example, has at its' root, the intention of longevity. Not for the purpose of the egoic self and its' vanity, but rather for achieving integration, that longevity may serve ones' Being, and have the health, stability, and capacity, to reach full attainment as Self.

The material is gross, Awareness is subtle, immaterial. One can eat a carrot or a bird from the point of view of separation, and with the notion of health,vitamins, how it serves the one consuming this. One a relative level, this is only partially true or substantial, as there is a significant amount of thought, belief, and notions present, which in turn also have a profound affect on the body and the absorption of material. From a limited perspective, this is often spoken of as the 'placebo affect'. Healing, wellness, as well as dis-ease and imbalance arise of belief and ignorance.

On an Absolute level, one is taking into the body the essence and quality, the nature of what is consumed, or absorbed. This is true for all, all elements, fire, minerals, as well as sound and thought. Is one eating for self or Self? Is one eating as self or Self? Abandonment or neglect of the body is the means to stay out of clarity, return to suffering, and the identification with the imaginary one, the false self. Awakening is not of the mind alone. This is also ego. The body will continue to bring one back to Awareness of what is present. This is the inward way. Ones apparent suffering, the interpretations of sensation, and the needs of the body, are not separate from Spirituality or seeking. Everything arises of Awareness, the body, suffering, and the natural tendency for homeostasis and stability, is present in and as all arisings. This is True Nature. A squirrel or bird will instinctually draw on what is needed for the well being and balance of the body, responding to the body. Only humans will counter, override, or ignore this, as self is determined, seeking imbalance and suffering, not harmony and integration. The desire of ego and ego desire interrupts instinct, and will only respond to the body when it chooses, or when it feels threatened. This is separation, this is division, and the path of suffering. This can be seen and witnessed globally, socially, and as what can be called 'the environment'. The same belief system and mindset is at play. The internal and external are one, the micro and the macro. Only self can seek to disrupt this, and be seeking awakening or enlightenment at the same time. This is delusion. One is not the body, but the abandonment of the body, and its neglect, is un-enlightening, and the path of suffering.


The Micro and Macro Mirror of Healing and Nonduality

Dis-ease, illness, and suffering is mirrored in the body and what is called society. These are not separate. The micro and macro cosmic realms are seamlessly one. Dis-ease of the body is of the world, and dis-ease of the world is of the body. All point to the fundamental tendency to identify with the surface or object expression as a means of avoidance or resistance of the Source. All momentum is designated to and as the outward arc as seeking and identification. For what can be called balance, unrestricted, non-constricted flow, the inner and the outer must be reconciled as one, which is the natural state as wholeness.

Conditioning is limiting, and such that all attention goes to and follows the outer and surface expression, which is the manifestation of appearance. This is to separate or divide inner and outer, which are by nature, one. This is the fundamental subject object duality. There is no culprit here, and resistance itself can be noticed, and welcomed as the invitation, and as a means to bring clarity to the tendency, and to restore wholeness.

The union of and as nonduality and healing is present and available when the tendency is reversed, and the apparent movement outward to identification or to identify with the object, or as the surface expression, is followed, or traced back to its Source, which is the one true Source of all expression. Just as treating the symptom is not a cure or remedy, so too the identification with the outward expression also is separation from Source and suffering.

As the symptom can be traced back to Source, so too can the notion of i, the ego, the separate self, be traced back to Source, for it is precisely this apparent separate self which is at the root of the outward manifestations and symptoms which express as suffering, which are the invitation, the invitation for attention to return to and as Source. The very symptoms which arise, are present, are themselves seeking Source.