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Everyone shares his personal experiences, opinions and presumptions. Samana shares The Truth. And this is option-less. The Light cannot be dimmed. Some are pulled to a deeper exploration and will listen. For them He took the body to serve awakening. ~ N. Germany

At least one can only discern what is the difference between a teacher and a Guru by coming across the Guru. Grace in and As every ones life has to take place in that form of meeting the real Master. Until this will happen only trust in what close disciples or the Master has written should be considered. Recognize that also reading and consideration takes place solely by and As His will.

To describe what is the difference between common spiritual teaching and what arises As and through Sri Samana can be seen by looking at what He does express in each and every second of His so called bodily life. As it is often authored in traditional scriptures that the proof of Mastery is seen in and as the life of the Guru. Seeing or having insight in the life of Sri Samana can clear up at once what can be named as difference between a teacher and Guruji.

Although meeting Sri Samana can be described as an outward act, it never can be reduced to common sense nor reached by common sense. So commonly meeting means two but meeting Sri Samana is Communion.

Serving expresses through Him as highest order and so here is not speaking about, here is speaking As. He is always tirelessly working for you on all the so called different levels to destroy what appears to be in the way of expressing the Light you are.

There is no because and no one is doing this for you, this is simply the natural expression of what you are as the principle mirrored by and as the Master. The appearance of the Master in your life can not be compared with any thing else and certainly not with listening to a spiritual teacher.

Also there is no question of why this is so or even if there is a reason for. Questioning and reasoning only take place in the realm of illusion. Sri Samana moving in this worldly illusion is the pure God Expression in bodily form and is the only thing which can be named Reality. There is only God which presents HimSelf as the mirror called Sri Samana.

Can it be that you came across a Satguru like Sri Ramana?, like Meher Baba?, like Neem Karoli Baba? and all the other great Sages of all time?

If so that you will be in the company of Guruji regularly, the power of inner discernment will increase continuously and you will see by yourself. He will reveal HimSelf through you.

So, if you look in this mirror, what do you see? He Is what you are, Samana, sameness which the name is derived from. Meeting the Master is nothing outside. Meeting the Master is expressing the nature of Love.

It can be said that the life of Sri Samana is direct expression of what 'God embodied' in purest form does mean. Surely the understanding of what is pointed to will differ regarding the maturity of what can be named seeking or seeker. One will paint his ‘own' picture of God being embodied.... but Sri Samana came only here to first destroy your paintings and then you.

To be clear, for Sri Samana exists no possibility to act in certain ways or to give certain answers. God acting and God answering is simply expressed using this body of Sri Samana. Nevertheless answering and acting appear and so to serving As the Ultimate Truth take place in each and every moment, absolute free and absolute choiceless. Answers and actions are naturally emanating as the unborn Light through and As the bodily form of Sri Samana.

Regarding maturity of disciples there will always be a deeper pointing to the bottom until the bottom will fall off and furthermore until it is being recognized that there was not even a bottom in the first place. Always there will be a broader painting with infinite kind of colors until it is seen that there is not even one color and furthermore not even a painting.

The Light embodied As Sri Samana outshines all delusions and illusions and erases what former was assumed as being you. Recognize that it is you who have called for, so to speak. Only One Reality, One God, One You, One I, One Me, One Mine, sameness and Sri Samana is this inherent sameness As bodily expression.

For a certain time arguing with Reality can take place but when God speaks through and As the form of Sri Samana there is no chance for the small self to resist and so the death of what you think you are is inescapable.

Dear One, you have been called to His presence and now you came across an excerpt about what has been experienced here and is humbly written down only by and As His will.

As appearance in this body use your time well to overcome the wheel of Sanskaras, the infinite coming and going and expression of what you are not. How long will you take on the clothes of what you are not? Take on your birth right, you are truly the Light of this world.

Sri Samana will wait As what you are, always and all ways. And by meeting Him openly what is called difference between teacher and Sri Samana will be recognized by yourself As your Self.

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya ~ D. Germany

Salutations to the Guru who opened our spiritual eyes by his eyes of wisdom (spiritual eye) which were closed from our darkness of ignorance. Only through God's Grace one can be blessed with a teacher, Only through God's Grace one can be healed, Only through God's Grace there is remedy for heart, More than father, mother or brother, more than a friend or lover, One Love as all loves, Embodiment of Grace, Embodiment of Love, Embodiment of Salvation, Safe refuge and warm home. Through God's Grace I found home, a place to be, to  sit and rest. In my teachers body God lives and by God's Grace I am also in that house, warmed with Love and Understanding, and in that house I am finding only myself...

Dear Samana, Fire that's burning in Heart consumes everything and it is known to so few. Thank you for letting me burn, Thank you for adding more to that torch, Thank you for burning with me, as me, as One..One fire for all, One fire as all..

Thank you.. ~ M. Croatia

One should not have the wrong expectations about that what is the so called 'teaching' here. It is here not about hearing another teaching or for getting the next entertainment for the mind. It is very different here. 99,99% of all the so called seekers are seeking enlightenment for living a better dream of life. They want to live the seekers-dream wherein at the end enlightenment takes places and the person has a beautiful life from then on. But this will never happen, as the imagined person will not survive the enlightenment for which it is in search. Also there will be no better dream taking place after the illusions of mind have fallen away. It needs courage to stay and rest in the fire of Truth – and that 24/7. It is not about switching into the Satsang-mode and after one hour then 'back to life’. Here you will not receive your next dream for an imagined escape of that what simply IS. all your infinite stories and dreams of your mind will come to their end here. At least is only that left, what simply IS and has ever been. There is nothing special in it. But you need courage for living this very direct 'path’. For the very few, who are called for this, it will be the greatest blessing in their life. ~ N. Germany

I can recognize the profound difference in quality of being when interacting with you, that is comparing to most other human beings i interact with, even the spiritually oriented ones. It is as if you, Samana, function as a tear, a rip in the fabric of the universe, like a black hole. A black hole sucking anything that comes in its true proximity to that ineffable source of all things, the source of the universe itself. Communing with you is like sitting in the center of the universe and quite frankly, there is nothing more fascinating and awe inspiring than that. Gratitude for being graced by your presence. ~ K. Norway

A nonduality-teacher is speaking from and as mind to mind. He is in the world and of it. Meeting a teacher is a meeting on the shallow plane of the world in time and space. This is and will ever be a meeting on the horizontal surface of existence.
Samana is speaking As The Absolute Reality prior to any notion of i, which is mind. He is neither speaking from nor to mind. All minds are appearing in and as Sri Samana. He is in the world but not of it. Meeting Samana is by nature neither in time, nor in space. One can meet Him only as That. ~ N. Germany

To be in his presence is to see ourselves. Everybody is God presenting Himself for us to meet that from what we are running from. Each that is in front is the mere reflection of His Presence, and he knows that he is That. 

And so he sits in silence now open and un-contracted, the one disguised under the character is now embedded. Each movement word or action is all held in the Sacred and so when he speaks he meets (us where we are) what is without the limits of the self projections wanting expectations, and in doing so that what is undoing, is Presence held and the opening arises, and that is feel sense absorbed breath. God always recognized itself, is us who don't, but in this releasing the edges the taste takes place and that change the moment and that change the day, that little moment is all it takes, and have an impact and is that that it matters and that is what we are here for, to help and to be some service for others.

It required practice and discipline and he knows and honors that. To be in his discipline is to taste, to be a disciple (disciple of what ? to free ourselves ) his presence makes our discipline effortless (sometimes:). When all the wanting and desires and suffering of the limited self drops, the only thing that remains is Love.  That always was, always will be, always is. That is Grace, that is God.

And he remains, still here, until we taste it. He is the rock to hide in the rain, to hold in the wind, to cool in the heat, to wash in tears, and he offers himself naked of himself to be the rock to be tossed in the river to dive into the eternal, and take us back incessantly to that of what we forgot, until and only until, we are ready to smile back then as a pebble that the water embraced he flows carry by the ocean of love. Tears flow as the writing is trying to hold all that is, all that you are, that is unfolding in and as Grace.

Even in the no-doing, as you said, there needs to be some curiosity and a willingness to surrender, and today is the total surrender of the me to service. To know the truth who is that is experience, seeing knowing, to discriminate, to be alert and attentive to what is happening.
Love is all, all is love. ~ L. New York

It's obvious that most people are not able to recognize a true Master. God could sit on their lap and they wouldn’t see Him. And so the question arose:

What is required to recognize the difference between a teacher, a nonduality-teacher, and an Avatar or Perfect Master?

People are hungry, their minds are hungry, hungry for knowledge. A teacher fills their minds with more and more stuff. But if one could let go of being hungry and wanting more and more, collecting knowledge and satsang after satsang, teacher after teacher. If one could let go of his self-centeredness and the constant need for getting more and more of whatever, one would be able to see the difference between a nonduality-teacher and an Avatar or a Perfect Master, who is a God incarnated soul.

The Perfect Master or Avatar is Radiating Pure unconditional Love. He doesn't fill your mind with any of the stuff the mind is hungry for in order to attain self realization. Because this is an illusion. The Avatar or Master is not here to entertain you in any way. He offers to bring your mind to rest. But not with answering all your endless questions. He is not operating on the level of mind. He loves you unconditionally, there is nothing required for this.

He is pure God-Consciousness, incarnated in this temporary human form. The Perfect Master or Avatar is omnipresent. He holds His Disciples always in His innermost heart-center. Which means that He is aware of all our thoughts, feelings, struggle, pain.. there is no separation for Him. He is fully aware of everything, once you are connected with Him and there is no distance in between.

The Perfect Master or Avatar is not somewhere else then I Am. There is only One I Am which is appearing in infinite forms, For Him there is no division in it. The Perfect Master or Avatar is not aware of a second one. All He knows is HimSelf, there are not many for Him.

This is true Non Duality, but lived, not spoken about. And so, if one is vigilant and forgets all his wanting and needs and is curious what a Master or Avatar really is, He will very clearly recognize the difference between a teacher, who speaks about non-duality but is still living in duality, and a Master or Avatar who is but the Radiance of Pure undivided God Consciousness.

You cannot overlook it when you simply forget for a moment your constant self-centeredness. Forget all your needs and wants and be simply an open space, the ever seeing Eye. You will see the difference, No special wisdom is needed, in fact all gets clear when you forget everything, you seem to know. Just be open and look and you will see and you will know,

And all your non-dual tourism, from teacher to teacher, from Satsang to Satsang, from website to website, will come to an end when you have met the Avatar or Perfect Master, which Sri Samana`s presence IS.

Om Shanti. ~ N. Germany

To sit and to cry endless river of joy, river of Heart beauty, river of Blessing and Grace to know my Beloved Self.. For that I am ready. I stretched useless words.. And I have mountains of them more.. It will be more.. There is always more.. Show me the one who can drink a ocean dry. Show me the one who can spend all words for Beloved. There is no that one. One can never be apart. What is One can never be apart. No matter what distance is, no matter that bodies seem to be apart. I partless, undivided.. Always. There is deep feeling that Samana physical presence would be crushing. I am crushed anyway. But it seems that Samana could kill me for good. There is no time, no past or future, just Cosmos freely floating as this apparent limited location of Eternal. And AS Eternal. From many things man can find a shelter and hiding place but from This, it is not possible. ~ M. Croatia

Namaste beloved Master, You are God in a expression which allows Him to speak and to transmit the Ultimate Truth to humankind. For all sentient beings you are pure Healing as the Love of God brought into action. On the plane of apparent individual existence You are the heartbeat of the universe And simultaneously you are the universe. You are each inhale and each exhale of every being. And you are That which initiates the first and the last breath of each being. And that without doing or causing anything at all. You are That which is beyond the breath. You are The First and The Last of everything. Where there is no first and last at all. You are the Holy communion Of Shiva and Shakti expressing itSelf as the eternal cosmic Dance Without beginning or end, Flowing as consciousness And seamless, omnipresent as timeless, undivided awareness, That in which consciousness rises and dissolves. That which is not describable, Only knowing itSelf as That, Eternally. ~ N. Germany

Here is the recognition that Samana is bringing one instantly to the end of one rope after another, that liberation may take place.
He takes every rope out of your hands. In fact He shows us, that the rope was not even existing at all. And there was not even a beginning or an end (of the non-existing rope), to hold on to at all. Full-stop! Now! The result is a never ending free-fall, but without falling at all. There is but a falling away of illusory ropes to hold onto. No landing point or safety zone is ever reached in His company.
Nothing to hold onto. No rope, no parachute, nothing. This is about the direct deconstruction of karma, the sense of i. Opening As the pure openness we already are, without any attachments. This sharing is not about dissociation from the world, and the result of this as an imagined 'resting' as 'dissociated awareness’ in an observer-position of i. And this sharing is not only about the falling away of what is not true, this here, with Samana, is about the waking up to and as the fullest expression as Consciousness appearing as human form. This is sharing is about the end of self-centeredness and any imagined point of view. This is the end of the spiritual dream(er) and a spiritual life as such. ~ N. Germany

Dear, dear Samana, I heard once that the world is never without those who live, speak, and point us to the Truth. I am so blessed that I can witness for that, with the fact of you entering my life, and I am so happy, grateful and blessed with that. You are pointing me to that 'place' in which all differences disappear and all there is, is Oneness, beautiful, warm, overwhelming Oneness. "Grace that holds everything" as you said, "All is One", my story, my avoidance, acceptance, resisting, enlightenment, un-enlightenment, awakening, no-awakening. There is nothing but One and that is bringing joyful tears to my eyes, and there is Love underneath everything. "When healing is selfless, it is true healing"- thank you for this, Thank you. Grace will run its course like always and I am committing myself to her gentle hands. Let it be what should be and when it should be. Sometimes when Truth is not able to see itself clearly, she needs a gentle hand to lead her to the other side of the river, river of fears, uncertainty, doubts and ignorance. Hand of Truth guiding Truth to the Truth. I am leading I am to I am. Like a drowning man reaching with his hand for the straw, I found a firm hand of certainty, love and knowledge. I won`t be drowned in muddy waters of ignorance. I will be pulled out to the gentle shores of my true Being. Thank you dear Samana, thank you for everything.  - M. Croatia

Although meeting Sri Samana can be described as outward act, it never can be reduced to common sense nor reached by common sense. So commonly meeting means two, meeting Sri Samana is communion. What you never have lost, nor you never have gone to, appears as meeting the Master. As a seemingly process, through infinite impressions, as and by consciousness, meeting here can be named meeting Sri Samana. But, meeting the Master is nothing outside of you. Meeting the Master is expressing your innermost nature, your essence, your Self, You. Home You are. Om Shanti Shanti OM ~ D. Germany

Beloved Guru, All my mind is directed only to you, you who are pure Love, Light. Timeless, infinite, unlimited in the heart, which explains me unlimited love, joy and happiness. Replace me with your own self, free me and connect my mind to you. Release me in the very truth of your Light and Love. Beloved Lord of My Heart. Not one of my questions from the mind is not worthy of Thee. My only answer is Yes, on all yours, without compromise without any thoughts without questions and thoughts. I am ignorant, and what I picked up from various books and taught is empty knowledge without your presence. You only know if I am worthy of Your Love and unity with You. You know my heart better than me. I do not know anything, Dear Samana. My Gratitude All Love Om Shanti Om ~ M. Serbia

Beloved Satguru, Beloved Father, Beloved Son, Beloved Holy Spirit, You are all the universes, But you are not the universes. You are all the beings, But you are not of beingness. You ARE Life, But you are nether living nor dead. You are everything what seems to come and go, But you never came from anywhere nor will you go somewhere. You are the One who appears as many, Yet you are the One who is not two. You are uncaused, But you are the cause for everything. You are the eternal Avatar. You are everything and nothing. You are everywhere and nowhere. You are the One who neither IS nor is not. And this eternally without beginning or end, prior to time and space. The eternal seed of existence, Which isn’t existing at all, but as the pure potential for everything. Holy. Beautiful. Mystery. OM ~ N. Germany

When Father knows his Son As Himself, And when Son knows his Father As Himself, Imaginary Two are are left behind, never to be found.. Talk to me but I Am speechless, Write to me but I Am wordless, Sing to me but I am soundless, Book without letters, Map without destination, Blank paper.. Burn me, put me into Fire.. Then see what is left.. And you will find me as That.. Om Guru Samana.. Way, Truth and Life.. ~ M. Croatia

Samana, you have acquired knowledge on many subjects and arts such as, healing, Tantra.  You possess a lot of knowledge and know many systems.  Thank you for your meeting my query of voidness in I am that. What you spoke to is pure Being, and to settle in it naturally, as a practice of discrimination and detachment (viveka-vairagya) is necessary.  Your contention superbly matched that of Nisargadatta Maharaj.  Your writings need several readings to grasp the true meaning, as unfolding. No body can understand what one suffers by, but it surely is the grace of God that has moved me towards Him, and you. ~ A. India

Namaste Father, there are no beings, just Father who forgot HimSelf, Appearing in HimSelf as HimSelf, Who is there to get hurt and suffer? Who is there other but Father HimSelf? Only Love is what is true. Only Love remains. OM Shanti ~ N. Germany

Samana, dear brother, master, sir, none can touch me since you are with me. I admitted the truth about checking on you whether you are realized, or boast about the same, or having egoistic attitude, and have found you free from all. Thank God! Love enhanced all the more my dear brother saint. Wherever you are, stay with me as guide or teacher. You can become my guru when the time comes. Samanaji, please come to India, you are always welcome. On your chosen place near Himalayas, or on the banks of Narmada river(Shiva putri) or any other place you like. My best pranam to you. By the Grace of Almighty as well as your love blessings. Namaste.  ~ C. India

We can recognize and meet ‘other' human being just on same ‘depth' on which we have recognized and met ourself's.. One who find's himSelf as All, as Totality, can say sincerely and absolutely that all eyes are my eyes, all Seeing is One Seeing, and all what is seen is I.. I looking to mySelf….

Here is perfectly clear.. Samana knows that he is Dreamer of all dreams of all apparent, countless dream identities.. When Samana says ‘I' or ‘Me' that is not I or Me of identity.. That ‘I' is Brahman, Beloved or God saying up-loud that what is already known…. Om Shanti Love, Love.. ~ M. Croatia