"Samana serves to take you home - and nowhere else. With no compromise."

"I am Here to kill death.

Dont be distracted.

This is it.

You are never going to hear anything more important.

and you never have.

And you never will.

This is the bottom-Line."



Samana can not be labelled a nondual teacher nor a dualist teacher. Teachers who claim to be as such are of the mental realm alone and typically self-possessed. They often speak of no position and are bound by a point of view and its symptomatic certainty, as such, a position. These are of course simply conditional appearances of Divine Lila, tho by reason, which is mind, believe the argument to position them-self as proof, when in truth there is neither position, reason, nor self to validate.

Samana is beyond mind. As such, Samana is beyond these arguments or position, and this body-form freely expresses nonduality and duality free of contradiction, as both are expressions of ThySelf. Samana may taste the sugar and Samana may be the sugar. Bhakti and Jnana are one.

Often it has been shared that one may look at photos of one at five years age, twenty years age, thirty, forty, fifty, the body has never been static for a moment, yet one has never changed.

Samana appears in form and is beyond form. These are two apparent aspects or planes of Consciousness, and Consciousness is the Beloved, Self, God. And this Consciousness has never identified with position, change as identity, the perishable, nor self. Samana is the Holy Sameness. Serving form as formless and formless as form. Atman and Brahman are One, One without a second. 

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There is no self-serving

There is no receiving without giving

Make no effort to Me

You don't know what illusion is

You say the world is illusion,

I Am the world

Ego makes it appear and disappear

I Am prior to that

To speak of tradition is to speak of Reality

Nothing less

Reality is all there is

Make no effort to Me


Don't mix or mince words

Call a sin for what it is

You live with accommodation of guilt

Your entertainment is hiding,

Your ideas are hiding, your concepts are hiding,

Your beliefs are hiding, your image is hiding,

Your stories are hiding

Make no effort to me

Call a sin for what it is

I have no judgement, you judge yourself

Call a sin for what it is

Sin is separation

Your vanity is your hell


It matters not the content

You remain out of view

Call it this and call it that

You remain fixed

You yourself remain in the blind-spot

You are not looking for Me, you're looking for you


It's a different flavor, it's a different day

It's the same game

I am the totality of the game

You're not ever at center

The love you feel is Me

The light you see is Me

The breath you have is Me

The taste you taste is Me

Nothing is yours, nothing

You who sees the dream is still the dreamer


You build a box to get out of the box

The Glory is the Glory

Your very beingness is out of view

I Am your beingness

You know nothing

You can't collect anything

You can't save anything

There's no better there's no worse

You're riddled by the movements

The movements are not your own

I live at your feet as humility

I pull you down, pull you down, every chance

You remain determined

Find a new spiritual talk

Find a new language

Nothing changes

You're looking, you're playing,

It's My play, it's My game, it's My Light

You have no time, you have nothing, I Am Everything

There's nothing more

Your love is Me

Your joy is Me

Your happiness is Me

Your grief is Me

You ascribe ownership and use ownership to look for Me

I Am you


You want to make sense of things

Use this mind to isolate your self to make sense

There is no sense to be made of it,

And so I remain out of view

The I that wants to die wants something

One step removed

Lots of talk, very view messengers

And the few that are, are judged by the many

When I judge nothing

You don´t know what mind is, you think it's thoughts

And you think a thought is a thought

Mind is a thought, thinking is a thought, thought is thinking

You're hiding, hiding, hiding, hiding

I Am your mind

You have nothing of your own

You want Light to be yours and small

You want love to be yours for power and control

You make things for pride

You build things for isolation

I Am the strength in the arm

I Am the light in the eye

I Am the love in the heart

I Am the breath in the lung

I Am the body and the ground it walks on

I am the elements that make the body

And that which inhabits the body

I Am your consciousness

Your name is My name, My name is your name

You do not come and go

You do not choose your breathing

You do not choose your heartbeat

What you see as free will is to turn to Me

You use that for autonomy

One without a second is not a concept,

It's not a belief, it's not an understanding

There is no 'your life'

Who will go to their knees?

Who knows surrender?

Who believes love is absent?

Who has forsaken The Light?

I Am all these things

Always embracing, always consoling, always illumining

I Am the Mother and I Am the Father

Make no effort to Me

These words that go unseen

These words that go unheard

I Am the eye which sees

And that which is seen


om ram ajata prakash ananda siddhi samana om