although meeting sri samana can be described as outward act, it never can be reduced to common sense nor reached by common sense. So Usually meeting means two, in which meeting Sri Samana is communion. What you never have lost, nor you never have gone to, appears as meeting the Master. As apparent process, through infinite impressions, as and by consciousness, meeting here can be named meeting Sri Samana. Indeed meeting the Master is nothing outside of you. Meeting the Master is expressing your innermost Urge, nature, essence, self, You.

Om shanti shanti OM

- a disciple


Namaskar Dear One,

if arises the pull to be with sri samana, having questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact..

The more clear and entire your queries are described, The better serving can be.

centers, interested in hosting Satsang or Darshan with Sri Samana, are very welcome.

om shanti Om

Sri Samana accepts no payment, fee, or royalty for serving, sharing what arises, what is present, and always here. This serving is Seva, and Sri Samana encourages selfless service of all as karma yoga. There is no formal 'suggested' donation.