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"That which can not be drawn, rendered, or represented, is verily The Artist”

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The crisis of and as self is such that no one particular point of view can apprehend the object. Investigation arises at the level of material and meaning. The various conditional problems related to the surface of the apparent object. The reflection of identification superimposed on the image.

The medium of transformation is self-transcendence. The artist 'becomes' the art. This apparent merging is free of self-expression, absence AS Presence, and as such, a practice or technique is obsolete and consumed in and AS The Flame. As Truth, there is no artist. The True artist is the Pure Subject, Self, and is so by and AS the direct means of Illumination AS Source, free of content, interpretation, and superimposition. There is nothing to claim and no one to claim it.

The impulse and stimulus for art does not originate in and as the individual but as Self, the Pure Subject. True art which speaks to Truth speaks AS Truth. True art is That which speaks to and AS Truth, always AS the invitation, always inviting true intimacy, always pointing Home. True art, artist, and perceiver are One, as seer, seen, and Seeing. The vessel of the work transmits what is immanent in the one who searches. The Great Work, like the great journey, is simply the recognition of, and AS what is always so.

The artist who listens, AS Listening, is fully receiving, is compelled to express Oneness, Unicity AS Reality, Reality AS IT IS. The global body is a pure receiver. To transcend center and center-bound notions of limit and speak to and AS That which is unlimited and unbound.

This is immaterial art. This is impersonal art. This is a de-materialized art. This is de-materialization of the art-object. This is not art as imagination, idea or concept. This is not art as metaphor. The object as a means is obsolete, and the apparent distance from the material object to itself collapses. Every apparent act and action is a direct pointer to The Infinite. As Truth, there is neither act, actor, nor action.

The shift from object descended into ego-concept, bound to time-space-location by an imaginary self at center. A construct and condition of self-reference which seeks to perpetuate itself by means of reflective identification. An immaterial art is a radical, urgent, and compassionate response to crisis which annihilates point of view.

An installation of Light is merely an immediate means of recognition by means of reflection. This is neither representation, structure, location, language, new language, derivative. Light is free of language, time, perspective, as there is no self, there is no illusion of perspective. The notion of art only appears to give meaning, or transport material to an aesthetic location or order. Light is not a medium. The true merit of art is indefinable. Light is Silence, and Silence is the nature of the immaterial.

As there is a perceiver, there is duality, and all is a pointer. The recognition of transformation and the apparent transformative act, which appears phenomenal, is itself a pointer to the nature of transformation itself. The apparent conversion of material reveals the inherent and immanent essence free of separation, division, and the notion of perceiver disappears. The perceiver and that which is perceived are One. Neither nihilistic, nor idealistic. This is an invitation to reflect on the nature of reflection, and the invitation is ever present.

The apparent viewer, the perceiver, is not separate 'from' what is perceived, as there is but reflection. Light and dark are inseparable, and thus the apparent work and viewer also. The perceiver and the perceived are One, as such, there is but Source. This is the end of separation.

Being intrinsically itself, what it searches for, is the end of the search, and with it the conceptual frame and identification with the conceptual tension of past and future, both of which are representational, representing identity and the isolated subject. The story as it appears, the so-called modernist point-of-view, as well as the so-called postmodern diversity as point-of-view, are limited and illusory stances of claim and position, which point at some-thing, which is it-self.

An installation of Light as offering is not aesthetic, entertainment, or astatement. This is transmission. Transcendent Realism. Reality itSelf. There can be no call for interaction, as this is the Natural-State. This is a non-work. Nothing happens. Nothing caused. This is a non-event. Prior to any space-time, this work, this appearance, has no measurable dimension, scale, perspective. The work is not an object, not dependent, determined, or conditional. Light is unconditional. Light is formless.

Within the conceptual associative model and scaffold, this is an immaterial work, transcendent. Free of value, immeasurable, temporal. A work which has no center. Center-less, freed of the contracted constraint of point-of-view, it is egoless, and does not reflect 'to' an ego. No story, no meaning, nothing to see 'in it'. No psychological content, no content to destroy. The transmission of Light does not arise of self-expression. It is not conceptual, not a critique, not an exercise, not entertainment, there is no mark, no sign, no technique, no style, no gesture, no affectation which points to a person or the body. The pointing is only to the Source of the arising, which is Light itSelf. Art that speaks as Reality does not speak as ego. Art is not the expression of a particular person in a particular location of space and time, but rather the artist is an instrument, as Self, as Self is the One artist. The work is impersonal.

The self seeks originality. The spontaneity of Love, Beauty, Truth, Light, are not the personal expressions of an individual, but of Truth. There is no doer. Free of an imagined actor, natural and spontaneous action arises. Volition is itself conceptual and determined by a doer. The one free of i, me, mine, is Self Radiant. Originality is a myth of the dream.

As conditioning determines the attachment to the object of desire, and all attention is external as the outward-arc, the timeless nature of Light appears hidden. The condition of the artist bound to self-expression is time-bound. The condition of true art is spontaneous, immediate, eternal. The seduction of mind is mind. The surrender of the known is the way of unfolding. There is but the Light expressing Light. There is the one desire to express This As This, and this one desire is The Flame which consumes all desires.

The first glimpse is the invitation, the taste, which arises spontaneously, and refers only to itSelf. This is Grace. Actualization is choice-less. Receiving is that which is Listening, AS Totality. The composition is and remains whole. The composition is apprehended as totality as Being, AS Light. Truth is never apprehended by the senses. The object reveals symptom, condition. Enquiry reveals the Great Transparency. As the subject seeks Truth, the Truth seeks the subject, and the object dissolves into and AS the Pure Subject. Art without an object is to be the art.

The work is completed before it has begun. One is following, serving what IS. As stillness, All simply IS. There are no new, original, personal, ideas or thoughts, as the person is itself an idea. That which is interpreted as creativity arises of and as Silence. The work arises of Silence and points to Silence. Pure offering has no one to offer. This is devotion. This is Sadhana, spiritual practice.

The art of Light is the Light of art, which frees that which one is not. True art is transmission. True art, as Satsang, frees one from knowing what one is, and takes one home, home to where they always are. The position of non-position is total receiving of and AS the unknown. Neither concrete nor plastic representation. Art as Presence is free of thought, the Truth as The Beloved is intuited AS intuition, free of objective representation. Beauty, Truth, Love, Light, are timeless, and there is only Knowing which is Consciousness, and Consciousness is Self. That which arises as the desire to make art arises of the Art itSelf.

The image is a lie. The image-lie perpetuates the cycle of desire, of Samsara, of Karma, and the ever present longing for Light. The image is the apparent movement 'from' Truth, as the refuge of the dream self. True art points to freedom, and freedom is a notion of self. Freedom is determined by the notion one is bound. That which is imagined. The story can not be liberated, and Truth can not be bound.

An impulse appears to arise. An apparent gap in the sequential story of i. The impulse is the pull as the tendencies of distraction relax and attention shifts. Every arising of the i thought is the means and the Grace of surrender, of sacrifice. The moth to the flame. As the nature of Love is to disappear, it is Love which is the substratum of all expression, and the desire in the expression is to disappear. To disappear into and AS Love, Reality AS it IS, and Love IS Light.

The self is not a noun, but a process, a verb. Point of view is activity, contraction, the process of and as self. The self does not have a point of view, the self is a point of view. Point of view can not understand nor participate in what it longs and searches for. This is the fundamental knot, the nature of suffering. En-Light-enment is the radical and natural liberation as the end of the fiction of location, center, and point of view.

True art heals the fundamental wound of separation and the crisis of division, which maintains the illusion of the searcher and the search. True art does not seek gain or profit from the wound. Every healing act is by nature spontaneous, unconditional, universal, and impersonal, is the Self. There is no self at center, and one is not the doer. To heal one is to heal all, as the healing act is unbounded and all inclusive. There are no divisions in That which is called Nature. The recognition of the healing action is the true recognition of That which is without beginning or end, seamless, unlimited, flow.

The unconditional transmission of Grace, of Blessing, is Light. Transcendent. Bliss. The transmission of and as the work 'Search-Light' is of the immaterial. A manifestation. The work is not dependent on the point of view of self, nor is it an apparent art object. The work invites a shift from point of view to inclusion, the absolute. The immediate, spontaneous, and direct liberation of point of view. Light IS and remains itSelf. The true intimacy of the work is Knowing, free of a knower and the known, Seeing, free of a seer and the seen. Prior to point of view, the transcendental condition of Reality IS The Divine Condition. This is the means to Realize That which is fundamental, immanent, and ineffable

The art of Light is the Light of art. Intrinsic, Transcendent.

Heart, Self, is Conscious Light. Thou Art That, That Thou Art

An excerpt from the booklet ‘LIGHT ALONE IS’

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